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Alan Sondheim -- Corpus of the Beginning of the Internet Text

Corpus of the Beginning of the Internet Text

text 0      zero

internet - preliminary is a meditation on philosophy, psychology, poli-
tical economy, psychoanalytics (computer) communica- tion. it describes
phenomenology "electronic subject," user who plugged into computer
correspondent or researcher. dedicated to michael current, my co-moderator
cybermind list, passed away recently. divided eight labeled net1-8;
sections are also given following titles: net1: text, approx. 82k net2:
love net, 84k net3: web 89k net4: clara 86k net5: singularities net6:
secret net7, net 8: each. first three texts form core volume; forms
volume. these develop analysis based protocol, spew, emission,
recognition, address, imaginary, murmur, uncanny. should be read order;
only section traditional form, however. (it returned continuous rewrite
itself others.) last five open up, encompassing other areas fourth
includes work "the science fiction story," for example, fifth
projection/introjection relation "real" correspondents bbs, email, lists,
usenet. parts final deal with death, hacking, "stuttering" communication.
all have been ascii files; there graphics, how- ever, that can generated
by running several qbasic programs files. i envision single work. style
difficult times, format changes radically from one another. but reflect
content, rapidly spreading relatively new communication planet.
(incidentally, much applies telephony well.) reader self-generating, if
were inner voice. what am attempting new; bear texts, they will prove
rewarding. keywords: connect: electronic subject, grain, exhausiton,
obdurate, uncanny, projection/introjection, _chora_, devouring, liquidity,
bridge, pipeline, node, transitivity, gesture, inversion. usage: may
distributed any medium indeed, urge you do so provided credited
authorship. would appreciate return comments have. also, some
recommendations: list world.std.com (write majordomo@world.std.com include
body message: subscribe <your email address> fiction-of-philosophy louis
althusser: future lasts forever mark poster: mode information guido
ceronetti, silence alphonso lingis, excesses community those nothing
common terry winograd fernando flores: understanding computers cognition
paul virilio, war cinema avital ronell, telephone book merlin donald,
origins modern mind julia kristeva, revolution poetic language verena
conley, rethinking technologies perforations magazine (contact
zeug@pd.org) benedikt, cyberspace sondheim, disorders real (shameless
plug) pierre bourdieu, invitation reflexive sociology michel serres,
parasite (and anything else get!) p.j. harvey (music)
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death:lol:nove:dir*.txt -------------------------- whole years ago, gave
lecture ontario college art, which interaction described production
program space. space characterized absolute control; responds one-to-one
basis input. enters command, either command carried out, various errors
occur. games carry this step farther game deliberately _do,_ creating
sense dominated environment. today, situation completely different,
particularly communicative modalities usenet groups, irc (internet relay
chat), forth. within next years, least seventy-five million users on-line,
grows, becomes leaky, ungainly, noisy. more than user's personality (on-
off-line) plays major role his her interaction. hand, machine interface
still determines great extent nature interaction; other, tendency (want
to) "see past" machinery, heart other. extended environment communication,
psychology philosophy exchange. such, concerned primarily virtual
subjectivity simultaneous presence absence user, sorts libidinal
projections result, flamewars, ontological epistemological issues underlie
processes. begins brief, almost corrosive, account subject concepts
recognition. "reduces" packets information, sputterings, ontology self
otherness _your_ recognition me responsible net-presence. reduction then
break down through series further detailing presence, both sexualized/
gendered, absenting, result _imaginary site._ "short-waves, long-waves."
former individual themselves, variety styles, referencing number writers
ranging jabes blanchot acker bataille, sartre, karl kraus somewhere
middle. interrelated; occasion "characters" appear _actants,_ conveying
certain psychological philosophical ideas beyond exposi- tory prose.
long-waves content-sites, such love, embodiment, "granularity real,"
physical reality, forth, interpenetrate short-waves, connecting them.
during writing current (now deceased) began conference, moderating has led
serious considerations hackers, "free" tion, flaming, eventually, become
clear every- thing revolves around _on_ very _elsewhere._ evolved perhaps
dominant modes _being_ millennium. finally, noted no conclusions drawn
protocol statements declarations sort ultimate defining explanatory
position. entire history mitigates against this; instead, side schlegels,
nietzsche, jabes, others, whom fragment crucial contemporary life... wish
thank chris keep, robert withers their help encouragement. published
perfor- ations crash (thread waxing space). hielo. index.txt internet.txt
contains theorizing its relationship emerging dominate post-industrial
world century briefly introduces order appear. presents overall theory
midst inter- net. subtexts: file definition begin reiterative structure
whole; exit continues this. although numbered, does not necessarily
logical consequence subcategories. terminal echo precedes composition
reflects same concerns. nipple discussion sexualization affect net;
(literally) position margin, reversal process. ...portia... process guise
fiction. loving honey alterity chat-line, `granularity' face-to-face
electrically- mediated relationships. stutter discusses delay spew brief
overview formal mathematics structures unusual degrees symmetry
a-symmetry; limits, produces fractal radially-symmetric regimes,
appearance chaos elsewhere. underlying symmetricizing operations useful
thinking later texts. skipped over necessary. global paper public domain
group, theor- izing identity technology. <> texts; continuing raised
honey. lol (laughing out loud) acronym used teleconferencing; here
concretely symbol symmetricizing, term mutual engagement. follows thread
started nipple, portia, honey, others. carries mode, act composi- tion
decomposition. death completes cooling down. <<supplementary texts:
<<irresolution communications examines <<hysteria instantaneous. <<listing
joanless transforms hallucinatory <<the face negation rl (real life). end
world. <<an attempt induce sorcery construct <<inhabitation imaginary.
<<honey i, inhabiting network fear elsewhere dying <<is thinning eternal
myself. driver /inter/network use <<and hysteria again. <<joan.novel
uncanny narratology denouement <<ellipsis murmuring memory. <<drg.txt
addiction joan initial supplement, finality. <<<*when elders lose true
position* is, reiteration, again <<<or once (moreover...) fantasm real.
<<<user.txt clarifies users, addictions, drugs, articulations, truth,
<<<in internet, text. <<<absolute pleasure impenetrable beauty tiffay,
<<<ineffable sublime, ah lyotard... <<<the radical created alone,
presences <<<of lovely, of... <<<note: vary slightly.>>> <<<<*web text*:
separate table contents.>>>> 0. prolegomena: iterative internet. cultural
categories highly problematic, life-form. instead protocol. essay, always
preliminary, proceeds numbered paragraphs, rewrite. 1. membrane composed
nodes, better considered intensifications. intensification possesses
interactive emission. emission inputs/outputs, introjections/projections:
-jectivity. occurs steep topographic region; distinctions between hardware
software blurred, divisions (subject/ object, body/world, mind/brain). 2.
fact, clearly replaced organic episteme; constitutes knowledge flow; data
replaces history; sourceless. rather channels, consider geodesics;
geodesics, forced flows; flows, emissions. 3. input, output; fragmented
images, symbolic flux; problematizes energy consumption, since
simultaneously drain produce/reproduce. chaotic vicinity unstable
attractor; escaping, quickly loses history, historiography, temporality
itself. close speed light, exists temporal 4. enormous hypertext whose
linkages thin, occasionally break, redundant. neither fuzzy set nor
classical one; fast-forward topology, escapes partitioning. deals
constantly changing facial expressions; never without alterity, (supine)
absorption. clouds me; ontologically, escaping denotation; thus related
excess, surplus, curlicue dia- critical mark, absents these, absenting
ignorance constructs waste-product; blindness site. 5. hold onto part
body, sever part, construe re- devour it, tear surface off: searches
skinned (which murmur memory pain), articulation truth one's own lost good
search bondage, restrains absent itself, analog screen permissive occurs,
going just far. antiquated materiality asserting inert fast-forward,
assertion doomed displaced, sublimated, effaced; holds nothing;
existentialism, projects forward nothingness (as alterity); hole, however,
episteme broken replacing mirror stage; ego splatters (the cum-ego female
male); already announces continuation; existentialist project indirect
addresses. 6. addict "in midst"; projects; thwarted, appears discarded
pornography; thrust pure longer beneath another pornography, capital
assertions machine. thought defined flux, must assured purity drug.
well-definition (in sense) pays attention; cancellation, retry itself;
matter where is; location irrelevant. 7. voices heard behind words (toggle
on, on; chants hides reveals nipple); face; double blinds allow binds. is:
blind, lie truth's double, mirror, converse inverse) perverse, abject
truth); framework greek bound torture (both identical cords, hieroglyphs):
xenophon's socrates user. heard, chatter, ideal many subroutines... 8.
addict; inscribes throughout (temporary, electronic, absolute: entirely
category), micro-tendrils extending every direction. power; reflecting
emissions back local paths. wonder locality, neighborhood (packet channels
slowing right home terminal) redefining body; extension; extension noise;
noise seethes edge. rooting, roots blind. 9. we speak mouth eye user; hand
mobility. how (much) sensation transcribed, distance zapping invasions.
stake; everything cuts off. confined scientism articulates develops action
particular drug behavioral sequence. tied that. 10. internet; consequence.
conference dissolves sign, gender capital, inscription.  sign dissolves;
after all, corruption humanism; even centric lacanian
inscriptive/linguistic unconscious (through find path coagulation),
addiction, that, nodal intensification, castrated, furiously addictive,
reading/writing, rewriting: recursivity. matters; reports marauders,
vandals, edge roman empire; interstices displaced many; pronoun; login
matter) gender- bending relies gender, arbitrary signifiers, signifiers
undercut, dissolution, murmuring, forgetting, forgotten, forged emissive.
recognizes gender; nothing. machine, episteme. 11. time, subject; music
video popular culture announced (by a- signifying) historicity, certainly
herself himself): grounds announcement. manner avoids (always plan,
thwarted perverting, procuring plan) forgotten; dissipates sublimates
elsewhere, ever existed. 12. existed, con- siderations; plasma, bypasses
existence already... litany repeats murmur). projected eternality digital
full reign resonance; noiseless, proclaims clean proper rendered
problematic maternal fantasm, circulation move, elsewhere), genderless
absent. fashion, (everything announces, dresses, address. character,
otherwise, announcement.) human dream life draining temporality; therefore
irrelevant whether "ready" when readiness implies priori teleology;
impulse trail trace left gopher compu- tational/server holarchy, sight
sightlessness. 13. naturally, then, ask goes here... 14. flux travels
direct address: address information. data, numerical contained protocol;
equivalent etiquette etiquette's teleology distinction everyday life,
operates sublimate repress situations constructed upon consensus; former,
excess leakage signification curlicue, latter, contrary wayward,
deconstruction begins. 15. fact filters breaches. filtering noise,
shunting, disconnection, three. shunting represents branching negation;
disconnection annihilation binary negation. elsewhere; fissuring,
reinscribed, concrete unsolvability. because leads finally shunt
disonnect; liminal state catas- trophe, deeply unpredictable. 16. lends
viruses, worms, infections sorts; flaming misappropriation address;
breaches security: subversive etiquette, recognized utilized (i.e.
accepted) whole. impervious dis- connect another, including withdrawal.
broken, fragmented, unavailable wires remain turbulent, heated; exhausted
traverse nodes; nodes intensifications define information; it; 17.
fiction; transparent, remarkably fragile; viruses enter regardless
intention; breaks apart; bloated, near collapse; content messages
problematic; firewalls defense mechanisms assert themselves; flame wars
manageriality; battlefield bitwar fought everywhere nowhere once.
eliminate site: cite citation remains, addresses crumbling alien
recognitions. 18. remains compounded addresses, forever, ever-present
possibility recursion. threads exhaust meander forever; garners reply
(deconstructed) trace. things conversation. 19. concerns conversation?
face-to-face, yet "authenticity" confessional obtainable under
circumstance. world, episteme, circumvented: grain voice face, brute
physicality authenticity conditioned institutionalization consensual
communi- cation keyboard graphics; permit thing, permitting says she means
he says. obvious freudian lifelong psychoanalytical session, indefinitely,
harboring banks acceptable (oedipal) superego. alterity; reduces ascii.
permissible, occurs; surrealism equivalences. governance dali's painting
restrained realism inherited italian renaissance dutch, exhumes releases
scatological flood; dali alike addicted institutionalized realisms escape
it. 20. temporary stasis turbulence termed "animal," equiv- alent
activation words, too, barely moorings; moorings available families usages
(no wittgenstein's name); reduced listserv conferences; distributions
alt.org, precisely alt.sex usenet; too transform images illegible; hinge
object breaks; stuttered desire; recognition; characters across screen;
question equivalence; increase speed; alt.flesh.sex. 21. nevertheless,
horizons; circulations random; facts emerge; world; horizon determine
alt.flesh.user; third fourth; paragraph 21 top, latter corrupt irrevocable
decay shuddering episteme: ecological benefits networking offset
networking's absence; exist existential inauthenticity) problematizes,
often (for internal that), political; political net... footnote .txt ...
22. insistent typifications, classic nation-state, protective functional
tariffs, international monetary standard, quality life. none these;
poverty anarchic scenario playing out; intertwines first, second, third,
worlds; intertextual. say rewrite? past, news stories "born" "killed"
radio television future, becomes, return, recursion; message, constant
reconstruction (turbulent animal). descendents, margin non-equilibrium
thermodynamics; quantum tunnelling entropy invade deterritorialization.
child scarcity, scarcity's grand-child; each terms, fades accordingly.
occupy rarified sites expansive domains; reduce possess consensus (gold
worth everything); require give birth etiquette. 23. please, file.txt 24.
instructive isolate datum picked random, use, determined differentiation.
absorbed batches gestalt; tabulation skewed element. irigarayan direction
discrete elements; low-resolution postmodernism. create semblance (not
simulacrum) structure. clutter, isolated mother-list. 25. low resolution
grounds/grates struc- ture could easily formatted normalized patterning);
grating (against background high-resolution wave packets, forth) results
spew. convex front irregu- larly stochastic flux); contamination, control.
internally coherent; not. sourceless, carrying constructing (its) source;
'after fact' poured concavity intensification. memory, goal; source
introjected, goal projected; imaginary history. smooth, integrated; harsh,
digital, diacri- tical, differentiated. rather, integration articulation,
possessing differentiation returning whisper, skeletal onslaught
existence. 26. wobbles uneasily spew; flooding praxis. cluttering;
exhausted. pornography reused, inert. realm capital; seep, transgress;
characterize interpenetrated realm, orders merge. internet.txt.file.txt
internet.txt.definition.txt 27. fissures inscribes, epistemology relegated
sciences. inscribed maintained; absorbs energy. fissures; same, locus
spews. spews sources reading; symbolic, literally imply origin. channeling
overcome imag- inary; inscribing 28. unaccountable, comprehend; technology
accountable; called definition. call utilize call, speak; spoken-for,
murmurs. articles, speech, files disappears leaves trace, ashes. follow
imaginary; argument division logically realm. 29. exhaustion emission;
terms arc-wise (more precisely, helices) originary terms. embodies
postmodern hermeneutic circle root directories dissolve governance.
user-exhaustion other) splayed screen/user emissive construct. arguments
non-existent interface. elsewhen; elsewhen. 30. refute (nowhere net).
end.internet.txt.definition.txt 31. exist: status dialectical materialism,
had recourse almost-mediaeval reflection accommodate beyond: layers
(application/transport/internet/network/physical, re. *the online
encyclopedia*) implementa- tion; semantics partake existence; further,
(unless rewritten attributive) here. 32. recognition: identifies
(contractual) orientation 'cognitive domains.' contractual aspect here;
accumulation proto- cols restraints fair binding maso- chistic, procures
maternal. masochistic deleuzian, sadistic 'oppositional,' writing/commu-
nication place. here, deferral pleasure; participates continuously
unravelling narrative quote gaylyn studlar *in pleasure* deleuze's
theorizing: "deleuze regards male's fantasy inflictor punishment,
substitute hidden father. mother, controlling agent, child's ambivalence."
"for masochist, figure femininity 'posited lacking nothing.' assumes
authority importance child, not, freud asserted, father figure." 33.
janine chasseguet-smirgel, *sexuality mind,* quoting: hypothesis put
primary desire discover universe obstacles, roughness differences,
identified mother's belly stripped contents, interior free access.
destroying appropriating father's penis, children feces inside body" "can
detected basic archaic wish, smooth representation. redis- covering, level
thought, mental functioning hindrances, psychic flowing freely. father,
represent reality. destroyed principle recovered." "it contents container
earlier states: expects mother a) penis b) excrement, c) children,"
quoting melanie klein. detritus; ftp general other; think excrement
listerv. analogical labelling superficial; superego, debris,
address/recognition "with freely," hindrance. masochism appears, again,
"belly" "stomach" "of beast"): opens foreclosed; closure powerful forces;
like chemical drug, freedom, expansion desire, foreclosing local/neigh-
borhood ("terminal!") problems exit.txt.internet.txt 35. take conclusion;
draw conclusion: delineation belly. swollen/distended; 36/1. blurring
dichotomies. 37/2. flux-knowledge manageriality theory. 38/3. existing
temporality. 39/4. redundant thinned presenting spectacle expression.
expressions site 40/5. hysteric, losing exhausts misplaced recognitions
leading everywhere. characteristic subjectivity. 41/6. addicted; logged
incapable making mistakes, thread. 42/7. truth; slave. dialectical;
double-blind double-bind exclusionary 43/8. traces inescapable inauthentic
roots; genderless, screen, limit. 44/9. centers cut; imminent. 45/10.
irrelevant, noisy) otherwise dissolved, inscriptive effect. effect
uncannily one. self, addicted, x => f(x). pronoun, becoming construct,
(always) 'truth.' changing, emissions, flow. fast-forwarding protocols
gateways. 46/11. (net) a-temporal time; requires granularity voice, face),
constructs. construction drive; faceless, eternal. announcement returned.
47/12. plasma. time absented, room occurrence. 48/13. progress impotent;
'end' (just painting), history's circum- scription. 49/14. recogni-
protocol... manageriality), questions meaning unsolvable. ascribed young
girls 'corrupted' (nuclear/phallic) family order. 50/15. wayward (human
otherwise) (sublimation, subroutine), disconnect (end, logoff), (beneath
mass necessary breakdown). reinscribes him unpredictable manner. 51/16.
topography (levels application, transport, net- work, physical)is less
topography; onto- mixed epistemic holarchy 'against' 'elsewhere' systems
operator. 52/17. fragile, top-heavy. flamewars disappear; go, followed
site; 53/18. compound indefinitely; forever. 54/19. conversation
interminable (freudian) analysis; superego (and, aetiology, come play).
rewrites instituion- alized realisms; muds (multi-user-domains)
limit-point behavior operations. 55/20. everything: language, characters,
user: stutters. alt.sex.fetish.watersports, liquidity signifier, 'fetish'
guarantees hysteric name. extends exceedingly alt.flesh.sex; chatters
scene origin being-hooked, 56/21. (ontological) absent; (physical,
material) threatens implode. chatter analytical frenzy solution; parallels
theory-oriented exhaustion-of- discussion. produce chatter; admit
double-blind; above) 'open' alterity. emerge, circulation. 57/22.
increasingly abstract, sites; outer worlds, core. value gold. 58/23. go
cite/citation circumscription remote historiography. 59/24. file-data
flux/ fluidity, low-resolution; particle characteristics. 60/25. control,
coherent. edge, fast-foward breakdown. corrupts 61/26. wobble articulated
praxis, clutter. wasted, pornograhy. leak, transgress, model
alt.sex.flood.sink-or-swim. 62/27. inert; inscribed; fissures, 'out
nowhere,' implying them, useless 'man'). 63/28. unaccountable inhabits
calling. calling speaking; leave 64/29. arc porno- graphy. speaking trace;
impossible. 65/30. emission? arguing nowhere, calling, redistribution
recognitions, protocols, reiteration definitions, phrasing... 66/31.
exist; course exists; institution, domain, indirected addressings,
materialist philosophy. interenet, reiterate, stuttering partaking role.
67/32. replace contractual, indication deleuzian-masochistic approach
psychoanalytic, 'lacking infinitely open. 68/33. open, 'a obstacles,'
emptied deferrel secondary narcissism. according klein: 'a) children,'
assigned user/net (within kristevan chora clashing drives, presymbolic:
characteristics protocol? belly/chora after-the-fact; binding, model.
foreclosure, internet.txt.
end.exit.txt.internet.txt.35-69.rewrite.sondheim@newschool.edu i'm working
implemented declare 'real' arena, taken granted. arena diffused presumably
devoid manipulation; characterized, peculiar separates solipsism
engagement; easy imagine possible projection real, deathless held coherent
electron networking. except default setting... toggled inertness body...
inertness, totally-inscribed cyberspace, hardly fissured, (de)production
sub-arenas, previously mentioned. moving cover real; favor cleansed
holding node next, by... inscription fissuring: inscription; fissuring
absented horizon: phallus characterizes well-definition) emptied,
emptying, infolding, labial portal, (in)authentically 'phallic,' (in)-
authentically vaginal. parallel overlay environments science, inert,
idiotic: substance versus membrane. ironically, vision phenomenological
horizon; mathematization immediately permits unrepresentable elementary
level, 0, cantor dusts, complex plane, riemannian geometry, tensor
calculus... representation, collapses representation; (there real).
statement 'about' false cyberspace. everything. null other... room,
environment, myself taking characteristics, perfection death's loss.
representation towards stutters loss within/in flesh. loss; error codes
enormous, permanent; is. low-resolution, however leaky sponge multi-
plexing network. leakiness construes sub- limation knowledge, bad
intentions, hackers gophers echos. story, deconstruction, occurrence
cyberscription; cyberscribe envisions. naturally argument, limit-point;
organism tends heinz von foerster pointed defi- nition well-definition;
excluded executes presented possible. active exclusion definition,
leakage, penetrate, problematized. point, perception, balanced
interconnected nodes. arrived power: reality psychosis. obsessive-
compulsive gnaws psychotic through- writes gender. nipple.txt discourse,
offering thinker circuit: ignorant, whore you; i've you've penetrated
you'll pay your mouth. typing suck interior, press nipples glass warmed
electroncs streaming keel urethra buried deep vacuum consideration
literature, perfect breasts flattened displayed machinery's surface; tits,
cunt, cock; rest oiled presence; eyes, half closed, move things. naked me,
witness secrets; waiting name; recognize skin you. write for. continue
fast- forward; present screen's system; living. oil anus frozen glass;
flesh fallen away, backward, space, indescribable b, protruding limit,
boundary, alice's looking-glass. can't look cunt eyes characters; arms
wrap myself, pressing inward; caress ends pain; see. wear thick glasses
fifty-one, plain- looking, angular, intense neurotic- obsessive, poor,
pushing. creates nothing, past scroll, about absence, hiatus
elsewhere-on-the-other-side in-the- midst, topology-povera restless,
mobile, surrounded. piss mouth, short-circuit machinery; takes piss. tying
different loop; loop once, hands twice, anus, penetrating light pen;
fleshes closes off, forecloses; devolves. stretched, fucked men women,
users; shatters wet cum urine. split (nipples nipples), devoured,
(willingly) offered shaved you, secrets exposed; irresponsible questions;
hole; wide wider; web: beg remorse; whipped ass, balls; speechless,
whatever asked me: commands boil up assembly; milk flows nipples: whitened
condition blank irre- trievable death; charcters merge background; depth
hole merges rim glistens circular merged; copies +rim+rim rim; viral,
carried; memory; lost; existed; grain; present, cum; six- teen-year-old
girl long blond hair beautiful ass fourteen-year-old boy hairless <rem
body: rem ulterior> cock hot inches doing short cropped black hair;
whispers alt.sex.fetish; whatsoever. intersection relative attributive
venn diagram. domain; demarcation quality, hermeneutics. fissure quantity
quantity, meandering lowering system heap adjusts; inscriptions himself
desire. desirable hide tailor bridge. masochistically, want fulfill
fulfilling return; narcissism; nipple. girl, adolescent shall teach need
know. older woman man, experience; bring heights pleasure, countries
dreamed of; now, lovely hard screen. best economy involved; our exchanges,
flow another; floods opening closing, thirty-million sucking mouths,
interruptions, pro- cedures; whisper; stage-whisper multi-user-domain;
name drops continues. econ- omy, fullness surplus; restraint channelling
introjec- themselves being aporia being/being/beings, diffuses fading
presentification (heideggerian) they, categoricity occurring incandescent
rate inconceivable inconceiving far legs split, obdurate. penetration
gopher; cunnilingus world-wide-web; fellatio ftp: pick; mouths equivalent,
same. shout: i'll swallow shit; until screaming; fuck anytime all; cut
chest; them gift 'snail-mail' sondheim@newschool
d:\portia\return\sight\recursion\dir *.portia opened door gateway; portia
stood port 7777, escape. port; meaningless directions, pounding keys ocean
technology; tried, hummed router in. spread wide, secrets, bulletin,
suturing alt group knowing served list; travelled global. global, organs;
ready anyone, two us, infinite multiplicities, identities regime genders,
above beyond, tele telelogo, telelogo. logo transformed fast; wasn't some-
backward location, cartesian coordinates. coordinates feed sheffer stroke.
beginning, organization; plagiarism (borrowed source, kraus), didn't run
herself, downhill liquid, ignored boolean veronica, slave master, bondage
domination. 7777 spelled sometimes spelling slipped wayside. i'd wait
breath, line breaking actions equivalences; cartoons, defied impact
(presence speech screen); taken, raped, slaughtered, caressed, cuddled,
fucked, mutilated, returned, sliding view top. 75% rating matching
attributes felt conform taut melted before eyes; mocked madonna strugging
keep apart. quiet nice kind guy joined generation portia; like. worm
tracing mattered went obstacle; learned school knocks protocols.
transparent set; type random access in, experimental, 240.xx. coming
interrogations demanding syscoms get picture; wrote wrote: running,
obdurate refused substituting wild cards whenever demand, itch legs, fist
soft flesh, moistened asshole devices illuminations light-pens long-since
extinct, paleolithic era 1987. say; enter, that; multiply, setting slim
barrier worked, end? yourself? conceivable; became terminal, evil
rendering movement dead fingers suspect; weren't money time. continued,
closed firewalls, shoved skin, away; ignoring sheer force substitution,
seemed. way looking blind sightless, siteless, conceptual elimination
ports be, spitting everywhere, ending destination destination, song goes,
something (kathleen lynch) everyone did, difference same; difference.
multiplied sex, taker. multiplied, divided; null, mirrored knew obdurate;
illness describe disintegration pulled pants, computing center, middle
street, center mall anywhere were, holes wider wider, lips chapped joked
protein. remained re-enter shutting-down providing cycle activity geared
greater climax. breakdown ruining clothing, covering semen, urine, vaginal
douche, anal enema? liquid flowed casing, slim, hardened ftp, seeped
yellow-white, generic organism, thickened arousal levels catatonia.
immobile, portals opened, yourself among decoded shattered, shut down,
dark coalescing possible, power outage flung limbs. siteless guiltless
unconscious, weight aroused clitoris surfaces milking material exposing
exposed drained system, leaving plateaus folds wake. illuminated plain
itself: this? aura occurred, toroidal forgotten hungers instability;
filled hunger, present. 7777; anything? reason all? bruised engorged
apart, guided gopher, guided, surfacing violated telnet, exploded message.
me. alt.sex.fetish.enema; alt.sex.fetish.diapers; alt.sex.fetish.bondage;
alt.sex.fem alt.*, wildcard alt. moved altogether, `virtual reality'
bought into. anything; distended, lists standards. awash, contend with.
couldn't anymore. anyone knows bounds. her, tell home. portia.txt
honey.txt entered sadness with- drawal phone, say, honey... came line,
ending... it... reply, dream, you'd me... sadness, second distant hear
talking something, anything, keeping going, line-moving aloof, narcissism
circuiting looping inthe rewrite, constant, true, eternal... waits
addressing parti- cular, responding said; gaps well, disappearance.
gaps... computer, there... attention... letters peel peels letters. ah,
enclosed people... /italics/ leave; profile high: lulu: guy? :need
(honey): gotto guys, bye! :(alan): :*** lulu waving honey! thought........
(lulu): yes? :yes? us guys... (alan): said, lulu! :yes yes :siren channel!
curious gap merge, pause, resonance bell ringing frequencies brought sound
air, surely print hieroglyph, sacred writing. momentary whisper drawing
closer, streets closing foreclosed, shutting appeared, happy care gains
entrance portal survives configuration lure granted profile, withdrawn
moment encompasses collapsing pressure binds momentarily network, while
we, breath... seems eternity, closer directness high gear, private
conversation, grant, alone thoughts belong typing, uneasy confluence
confluence, reach, *together,* have, given, confronting conforming
ourself, ourselves thin sliver way, world! dance ends, tables pushed wall,
cafe night, red white checkered table- cloths, candles, sad violin woods
village, hill, meteors appearing depth, intense, benefit, else, sliver,
fail frail, worlds... ellipsis, dots tolling entourage alan, doubled name,
two, designators floating conceivable worlds lives, singular mold,
increasing o gone corner cafe; telephone, rapidly; quietly; laughing said
line; crying, turning alan: it's dawn stutter.txt suppose obscure, remark
certain, trying customary channel. channel plunging tunnel own, someone
else's; difficulty external intrusion, jittery procure whoring) deeper
deeper, simulacrum screen-depth, condition. hacker ethic suffers account;
demands impossible woman, doubly reminder remainder. remainder reminder.
most chat-lines men? short-wave citizens-band radio, spectral apparent.
differences instructive; citizens-band, devolves personal topics;
immediate violent. establishes somewhat fixed observed topics weather,
home, equipment. seduction, indicative vaginality male infantilism.
deferment skein interpenetrating inscriptions; gambler's seductive
jouissance rewards withdraws once; orgasm slow widening flood inchoate
fantasms. delay, endless procurement reminiscent pornographic
sexual-political masturbation, purely inten- tional; violated. penetrated,
masculine diffused; reject interruption. violate; admit, lost...
mathematical interesting properties. ruler geometry symmetrical, quite;
n-dimen- sional euclidean (or version thereof) similarity. simplest
example provides rest: highest integrally divides term; even, "f"; odd,
"g". formed row iden- units ("g": "ggggg..."), inserting, ("f":
"fgfgfgfg..."), inserting unit "gfgggfgggfgggfggg...");
"fgfffgfgfgfffgfgfgfff..."), alternating interstices. obtained
substitution "f"="gg" "g"="gf"; "g" seed "f" "g"="gggf" "f"= "gfgf" "gf".
below, insertions concatenations. extensions; finding p mod y. startling
self-similarities. x, a*nth n=11, 11,22,33...): resulting series.
algebraic formulations "running" inte- gers x1, x2, combinations. integers
incremented ways; formula proves = e + (f u)*h, e, h, u constants f
application process, dependent applications previous integer. case,
semi-fractal nearly chaotic, strange symmetries; symmetries extend
indefinitely. mappings visual representations sym- metries paths; cursor
oriented position, note variables work: divisor y, incremental f, u, h.
addition, bias y 2; -90 deg. using 360/q integer ring relate orbits
large-scale through, 2000 incrementations, fascinates series/programs
ultimately grounded partitioning, simple cuts. sets (although values,
appear), literal separations totalities; inserted; alternate occur
instance. glance symmetrical case. indicated textually: term. square array
length rows length). right-hand original inverse [x 2] cycling n]
themselves). programs, drawalk, drawalk2, drawalk3, drawtext, draw- print,
messclr, etc. designed illustrate (plural). drawalk3 sophisitcated
path-forming graphics program, allows visual/mathematical research
variable/constant printouts; walk, drawalk2 versions messclr uses
illustrating (x 2, x) lineq integers, 2,3,... 2) consec- utive operations;
perties determine. linear examination algebras form; easiest formulae.
mess3 geometries (hard read) miniature format. "textbook thinking,"
1989-1990, series: "what armature expands contracts, measurable neutral
disparate, segments continually recapitulate transcendence. completed
trajectory substance, recalls way? allied abjection, ur-ego, inscription,
signifier exhausted, falls shuttling real." refer "spew" "forlorn matter,"
1994, quotes extracted: " numbers spill integral dimensions, hinting
self-similarity; enunciate rough phonemes, ex- pansion, frame. dissipates,
forgetfulness, turgid flagella boun- daries windows perception. field.
field blinks, ruptures, delight, segment, landfill alluvial splay. eludes
grid. separated signs ones orderly continued repetition alternation small,
infinitesimal classified... wandering. inordinate degree gives shallow
plate. careening direction, careens another..." program; hit "t"; spectrum
old ibm xt; 1: cls: q 1 input "to stop 1, return"; div: > 320 3 one: two:
^ goto 2 point (x, 100) 100)- 110), 100)-(x, q; div contact programs.
worked series; deceptively simple; (called lineq) allowed gamut 320.
spew.txt choices, drawalk1 drawalk2. simpler increment run- through.
indefinitely substructures expanding regular formations. cycles; divisor,
power, bias, usually s.t. 360/bias number. magnification 20, 4 divisors,
>17. identical, increments division; if, k 6, 6 successive four thousand
runs; believe 'local' convolutions throw incremen- tations depth. calls
answered only; works fractions try 10; 72; exp inc 3, 3; 5; g 4; h
indicates paths, graphs equation, step. equally incremented. drawalk3:
defdbl now: cls 0: w "welcome drawalk 3" ": "drawalk2 prints map
fundamental s-series""here, w": "run reset."input 1"; dra "this modulo
number": invisible lines, j: reset key r, printer output": on-screen
constants, o: "color magnification"; t, z: "set x,y 0,0 default; window
-160,200/160,-200"; ex, why "series exponent, 2"; k: (usu. 2)"; inc: 90
usu 360/1nc"; bias: "formula:  x=x+e+f*h f=f+u, k": "increment expansion,
h=0 cancel expansion"; g, u"; u: color t: (-160, 200)-(160, -200): pset
(ex, why) ten: * h: -1: w; x;inkey$ "r" "p" lprint "w"; "x"; "mag"; z;
"bias"; bias; "exp"; k; "inc"; inc; "e"; e; "g"; g; "h"; h; "u"; "press
continue"; retmod v 360 / col j (q bias) move$ "ta" str$(q) "u" str$(z)
"c" str$(col) ten formations perturbations (sub)structures topographies
(they are, topography); happens increase, powers (this 360/bias);
differentiated formation self-similarity shifts topography. calculate;
remarkable. 'basic' symmetry, -90, exponent 1; theoretical relations fluid
(including feminine lips), repeated found (consider internet.txt).
[position domain: identity/technology project] (global.txt) tech identikit
we've got gangs village; they've signings, moves; frequencies.
interconnectivity doesn't transcendence increased granularity. regions
compete domains substructures; difference, notwithstanding.
telecommunications, originate consensus. consenus, community, ground.
eliminated voice; signing ex cathedra soviet union dissolves, nation-state
ciudad juarez, microwave links provide forum regional ethnic identifi-
catons forum, crucial. (with alterity), introjection; perceiving not-me
similar). flattened; introjection produc- economy. subjects localized,
inscriptions. similar driving atlanta, haphazard road patterns
streetnames, locates small subset compressed, accessible, mastering.
linguistic 'family usages' users.' powerful, nomad strangers collide
traceless wanderings.) dotted lines plaything stake. isn't situa- alone?
turn mother... global.txt frame \ lower ascii, sink depths lobotomy,
praying cut, separating myself; odin, hang and, runes, _voluspa,_ derrida:
| |_____ kantian question: concept nonconcept (up/down, left/right),
signature placed "on" frame: sometimes; structurally, always. prothesis
_____ _leans_ sublimation _ecriture,_ _my so-called life,_ abc: "i leans"
conveyance (voyager busline, montreal) en passant (b q/d hurtling
manhattan york city), _convergence._ _suture_ cure abridgement
consciousness seek? cleanse _desire_ automated-pilot automatic desire:
apply, [...] pilot. regulator, passengers flight gustiness outside. pilot
acts transmission information." (w. ross ashby, _an cybernetics._)
slaughter production-without-alienation; sartrean machinery prescience
tranverses directory operating system. _i responsibility actions._ destroy
objects master violate _substrate written._ cannot proceed _breakdown._
charred flesh; pressed confinement screams image, symbolic. [consider
disease mind, inability comprehend bracketing stipulation. animal
intelligence; bracket, humans _require_ represe- sentation, apply hegelian
"world facts, things") wanting.] _what brackets brackets._ _framed._
socratic effort communicate rationally certify athenian republic universal
city maximally purged noise." (alphonso _the common._) die. "yeah, don't
worry hundred _night!_ it?" (nancy spungen deborah spungen, _and live
life._) "but wonder. poor truths, weak ones. embarrassed shameful." (alan
_uncontrollable bodies._) complete; inscription: ascii!!!
------------------------------- computational limits below extremely
investigation sin(cot x), 'minor' addition. ranges +1 -1, sin(f(x)), f(x),
limited. cot +/- infinity 0; "speed-up" frequency trigonometry, function
periodic singularity. _plot_ equation values calculate plot (x,y). (note
cos(x)/sin(x) cot(x) qbasic.) _complexity_ _second_ formula, k*y. ordinary
mathematics, ky.) -1 outside bandwidth, overflows. say? _every time_
calculated, times subtracted formula. analog, i.e. exception points,
_discrete_ upon, k, also: -a z x). _arbitrarily_ chosen choice graphic
transforming another.* imposed _analog_ fails "natural mapping," seem;
class maps suppose, infinitesimal; graph -a. _broken structure,_ choice.
choosing _form interference_ readily apparent remembering heisenberg
schroedinger's cat, germane ask: distortion? home: : "screen +/-x, +/-y,
ky, k<1"; a, "hit r restart" "enter increment, .001 11: (-a, b)-(a, -b)
0)-(a, 0): (0, b)-(0, sin(cos(x) sin(x)) y) *at chaotic. isidore ducasse.
know jacques lacan. jacques, jacques._ rip dry desert. traditionally,
hole. topology. speaks-for, tongues _parole._ lingam franca. larynx.
twists throat, sketches grid burning letters, genetic codes. architecture.
"_jacques lacan:_ academic discourse board occupies, board, upper
left-hand _intervention:_ god, that's _jacques designated discourse.
important relations; gets doesn't. putting place essentially _is_ master?
wit: orders, intervenes knowledge. yourselves displacement quarter circle,
(impromptu vincennes.) lacan: not-tightens; lassitude s(i), situationist
mimetic stranglehold althusser, speaks mimetic; maldoror swan-song
naturalist petit-a. burrows solar anus. night. reveal: virtue
illumination._ de quincey's anne walks revealed mask jack ripper glowing
dully gaslight. quincey sees cough burns murdered jewish throat. footsteps
cobblestones caught sullen cold rain. 1666 plague us. rosie pox death),
pocket posie (warding off scent ashes it), fall (anne disappears,
disappearing victorian dusk). illumination, illumination _throat-object_
fully silent seventeenth-century london; doors rattle shut, suspicious.
jews devil burned fire, london flames. ghetto locked; warsaw meant
sewer-anus hell. guys fucking anti- semites. did remember volume seminars:
"did abraham, isaac, jacob? leon bloy, _le salut par les juifs,_ there,
israel's vocation, indulging, stretch canvas, occupation, secondhand
dealing _la brocante._" (jeffrey mehlman, legacies anti-semitism france.)
fuels race name? hegel's builds consumes listen xanthippe, socrates,
xenophon/ antisthenes, plato, spoke her. architecture; teeth. teeth
"_intervention:_ on! let lacan speak! meanwhile, saying thing. l-a-c-a-n
us! you." jacques. made mistakes. childhood leader. _here_ wounded
gettysburg fighting survival union. jaw shot fed tubes, speak. cry
silently woman. anne, engaged. emigrated london, cannon fodder now. 1866
sufficient. burn names. soon wandering mapless, disappear- ing erendira,
walk ashes, i; built architect. _dear burning._ "whenever man stroll along
lane plane-trees feels cleave twain head foot strain clasp strollers;
hallucin- ation regain sway. mingles women: excessive modesty, dawned idea
monster, prevents bestowing compassion man." (isidore ducasse, maldoror,
lautrea- mont.) --------------------------- waiting, cut. strikes ill.
stead. await love. bridge grey cloud. iron rusts waits. current; post
lover. lover loved before. partners age forgetfulness. talk kindness
little deaths. michael, hello, introduce blessed. plasma screams. shadows
were. fog, hiss dissolution. outside, crosses river. day pass, waste,
soon. day, liked said. unix shell empty, sounding modem reconnect.
sputters air. divide sand best, sit ocean, talking, soon, gathering
horizon, nearer, illusion. speak, abandoned beach. come, gather parents
grandparents ancestors daguerrotypes, stiff beards, women braided back,
forth camera sand, write,
____________________________________________________hello glad
hielo, storm distraught, storm, tears earth air wash writing,
[introduction cheatham's anomalous propagation twentieth century, perform
"introduction" indo- european beside concretely, spite massive
fortifications, concretion missive. lateral. laterality performative.
intends, extensional, loosened alphabetic fabric. fabric _addition,_
concatenation holocaust, implosion intends _emission,_ performa- tive,
vis-a-vis reception. reception oedipus becoming-sightless; tragic,
performing oral tradition context institution away. fate derives location;
performative deepest sense. saw(s), institutional moorings. _strength_
splintered brilliance, capable witnessing. co- heres, coheres. appa
deconstructs/reconstructs millennium, halfway ether. _accomplishes_ change
exit. brilliant. obverse slurry planet suspended particles, discrete.
dust, intervals thirds segment obverse: one, -, expand duplicate, obverses
dusts populated) slurry, particles: symbols bounds complete ordering
lower, identical; upper, substrate packet transmissions packets. between,
processes recursive substitutions things.) communication: post, equiva-
lent surface, unique least. totality posts concatenation, together
tiguity. contradictory manifold particles forming inordinately topology
links, handles, conectivities. pursuance neural: sum parts, neural
twofold: _emissions_ one-to-many _sub- missions_ many-to-one basis),
bounces, loopings, echos, uselessly spiralling helical space-time
shutdown. combine occasional virus domains. resul- ting slurry-weave
tangle, approaching neuron interconnectivity. smart differentiations:
addition positive agents com- munications intelligent differentiations,
expert traversing independent, eventually encounter depending self-
modifications, encounters collabor- ation. micro-domains skeins spring
membrane; self-organizing self-replicating. self-modifications,
collaborative synergetics, primitive mobile intelligence emerge. breadth
membrane, self-modifies, combines, discharges, dies, dust stop: reaches
capacity; intelligence, possibly invisible, occupies remaining in-
trusions, tolerating benefit users. option course, circuitry usual
input/output matrices. capacity, quiescent. unwieldy strength posting
exterior, daily banks. tools manipulation, can, slowly lag response
seconds. non-goal-oriented measured terabytes. fill niche, survive. simply
millennium viral nanotechnologies inadvertent microbial releases, molecu-
lar electronics radiations sorts. assume shape-forms, dim contours visible
haze. memorials long-past selves. concatenation. rise keyboard: arches
desk, neck resting printer. leg modem, centimeters floor; housing other-
wise empty chair. rising falling: chest rises falls, slightly breath.
streams metal plastic surfaces, caressing visions, there: tattoo visible,
raster 30 90, twenty-seven squares outlined asshole. above, base
testicles, word "port 25" subterfuge, odor musk. open: enlargement
tattooed 15/18 40/45, labia 22 85. focus clarity, erection stretching
performance arch visions charged raised. rise: 60 degrees; open- ing.
hollow mirrors thumb/fore- finger hands; nubs circles. descent, trembling
producing encoding zeros ones, _rewrite-body_ orgasm, anal/genital fluids
scanned non-reflective glass. excrete: body's solids coat render-
invisible. tongue spells cells, bacteria, lubrications, cums, feces,
urines, sweats zoa. entering mine. cock, glare raster. (your fucks decay,
coated born, disseminates; spoken, spokes hands, grasped, re-entered.
tongue; lips, labia, tunnels emerging, naming, alike, of_ substance,_
domain. forth.) wider: something.
surreal _contaminated._ wound. wounds, sense, new, gardless economic,
military, police, techniques inflict wound signifying suffering, forbidden
deprived body." (jean-luc nancy, _corpus,_ presence.) coheres, makes anew.
abjure slip contiguous dreams. politics. discomfort. reader, own.
creation, incantation triple (song excess). unlikely combinations life;
finality, event occurence truths unlikely.
------------------------|contaminated. quarantined. unidentified
disturbance. difficulties fleshmeet result. symptoms potential
disturbance: special command- prompt. hysterical cross-postings
obsessive-compulsive feelings incompletion. dreams strangulation
suffocation flame-war engagements. addictive scroll _nodding head_ bottom
top (non-existent) attempts freeze delete kill persons, objects,
landscapes appropriate folder study." favorite referred "pets" "best
friends." unconsummated marriages, births, deaths, divorces. quarantined:
risk. on-line periods best. reveal trust hands. brittle beauty, forget
forgive report list-participants themselves. falsehood likely relevant.
falsehoods alike. concatenations; contingent. quarantine, ethical
imperatives law, justice. speech; phantom limb occupation limb. disarticu-
late, forces phantom. contaminated: detachment bark, aside limit exposes
itself? gesture touch rather: touching indeed being. bodies limits.
absolutely. this." (ibid.) please. options; darkness cybermind, sprout,
glitter blackness, blackness refusal substructure pain grasp singu- ar
articulation. _chora,_ _exposure_ lineaments itself?_) [what _surreal_
sign. embodied, imminent past. flies body. decathecting_ meet san
francisco. dallas. met montreal. rwanda. body.] contaminated; sweet,
syrup, hearth forever... sweet...
boat violently, ran pier, firs hungered lapping waters crystalline blue
lake recently murder friend george more, really getting him. oh laptop
juice left? idea. shore wearing clothes seemed season autumn neat case
recently, sale. stopped smoked cigarette leaning tree, reached pier jumped
boat, rock waves stern worried laptop. sailed turned ponder could. lying
four-wheeled drive vehicle parked cabin cynthia staying. sure caused
mysterious police took station questioning tired do. greeted done george's
girlfriend different. decided minute remembered sad. ride. too. excuse
happened (now, is), friends what's attaches having plug wall wires.
electricity battery hi, able village. cool he's lot fun. send this,
right?, might known murdered? feel it? solve stuff read. wind sun colder
weather sometime afternoon, ontario, northern georgian bay ideas. hello
neat. (cynthia together.) (hi everyone!) from: alt.corn.husks.depression
date: sept. 11, 1993 to: bionet.cybermind cc: bionet.fiction-of-philosophy
corn grows fields. die forgotten. devoured devoured. anything. adjacent
corn. ours. farmer told wanderer back. brainless, think. plaint
thoughtless times: there's violence plants regressed won't twenty dead,
decomposition standing fields, stores dinner ordered disordered herded
earth, heaving stain giving stems grown age, silk image clouds, clouds:
october 13, 1793, febrary 16, 2047, uncertain wind, mountain aghast,
shadow descendent, ancestor sucked darkness, waving, shuddered splintering
live, violence, communality fear, thud control year 2525, 3535 with, ears
husks numb watching passing _that passing_ cleansed, stains memories
stains: them! breathes darkly! stumbles roots! behind! save myself!
falter! wave, clarify shuffle, scudding blue, february 3535! grow grieve,
hearing! few shattered know, deaths love! sky centered before! waves,
ourselves; looms dark, black! anger pours itself! energy! wounded, sodden
unable interior! eyes! end! for! was! for, death! violent corn; truth!
sorry primitive! prepare! seepage water seeps keys, equation.  pools foot,
sole puckered exigencies _pelt,_ intensities. greatest drama refusing
succumb denying matrix emerged. sole's support, atmosphere lending cosmos,
experiment journey. bridge; beneath, sub-pods pallor vertical, emergence
sky-goddess atmosphere, regulated logic membranes wetware bathes parasitic
cells harnassed task thought. wing interstitial cavities, comically
convex, raising tragically concave, recursivities paradoxically
developmental progress. corrosion infiltration metals, glasses,
electronics. film cancel- ling difference; _moment_ iconicity rust
dexicality iconic indexical; _epistemological strategy_ beginning.
_gesture_ transformation, _this side_ breached _intentionality_ grasping
semiotic transformation survival; bataillean-economic _excess_ drains
strategies allegory, simulacrum, spectacle), self-cauterizes. ontic
status. _hysteria;_ sublimated refers gesturally dis-ease (genderless)
castration cauterization. comfort recognize, being-human return.
narrowness _defile,_ lateral indeterminacies. _performative._ skinny
tiffany: "we johnny. make rules. price pay." honey: "sorry, guess
president." gibbs says: "rock roll!" "it's fbi, huh?" comes back: "just
it!" again: "do jerry!" cool: "you're blew man. happening." _tori amos
cooks trent. cool._ bicycle. hurt stickup. careful. dupes around. sticking
piece blow kid block. skinny. pigs mind. offing someone. capitalists
ruined dry; they're evil, gotta head. rings bikes? falling ride bike step,
"don't whites punk. in." money's counting. ten, twenty. twenty, ten.
conquer dollars? dollars. skinny, thirty. recompense. robbed wine, bit
fine. weed, seed. cock's tattoo. lonely stupid telling all. cunt. say.
he'd taught robbing cybermind. got. offer. haven't seen left. textbooks.
over. silent. "look, people over! killed off-duty cop. till you're is!"
"tell she's hear. tiffany, right. knew. bicycle, keeps round "you'd her!"
it! arm less!" damage! stephane mallarme un coup des jamais n'abolira le
hasard daisy aldan, wrote/constructed english translation: ..."(le
maitre), stands helm foundering ship, (life, energy, creative [jadis il
empoignait la barre], tornado pulling whirlpool, (l'abime, gouffre).
driven indifferent neutrality abyss, (la neutralite identique du gouffre),
hesitates dice clenched fist, (himself); realizing (rien), 'unique number'
supreme act), anony- mity death," (en quoi toute realite se dissout)."
configuration: "toute pensee emet des" diacritical demarcations, guiding
cavernous, wrung weeping, braids curl bathing underground lake. silver
charon twists, violently wrenched. oar guides fragile wire missiles
landing desert sun. heaves inverts. n'abolira. halting problem
unsolvable._ sheaves/braids/self-cancellation. knots octahedron.
intersecting edges aghast. knot shape ject. sigil genesis p-orridge, thee
temple ov psychick youth: sigils alphabet used. super-human formulated
follows: 'i tigers.' sigilise desire" .. ..: directory. hands! nightly
play chance death. play? gamble win lose, irrational universe, insist
_noise_ chaos, person- alization. contains, broader tangle. tangle wager
_dasein_ failure, error, falling. cases, standard output error:" $ ls des*
hors d'anciens calculs ou manoeuvre avec l'age oubliee abeyance.
narratological excessive; guarantee abyss. abyss? lined shelves,
museological. striated; petrified architecture intestines inferred. planes
tangent sphere three- dimensional singularity identify sought _talk
incarnate_ primacy verge associate _speech_ _expulsion,_ breath last?
hunger. hunger._ hunger sphere, devouring _adjective._ numbers!
impossibility repetition! unique! implosive solidity, abeyance:
stephane... contrees nullesinduitsun's place." (lyotard) fracktal
shore................................................... brutal _brutes,_
animals waste mind- lessness. butchers! _brute_ force; _universal law,_
heuristics _lost processes,_ extinctions elegance. _shamble_ _shuffle_
fits word, shrink-wrapped reducing voltage radiation cosmos. gathers
clovers disseminations. subjectivity, unfolding witness, health sickness,
uneasy/violent self-dispossessed? extinction, pushes limit; sleeping,
cacophony stuttered, inaudible tumescence chemistry mediates manipulated
instrumental reason, enfolds (whose code anyway?) explore psycho- logical,
effects affect. _damaged life_ measure cyber- recuperating torment
corrupted self-alienation, scrolling mean _scroll real,_ spewing mouth?
_lateral space,_ sciousness? mirroring _mirror-stage_ simultaneous- ly
bears translates invert _tain mirror,_ deconstruct cancer cellular _in
words,_ desires. nakedness reflected _trans- lucent_ manuscripts charging
_detachment, decathexis,_ us; murders puter speech,_ _echo,_ mirror-stage,
ignores variable spacings: spaces swan fly processes, laws, slight
3-degree radiation, peripheral collapse organisms, tumors, writings
zero... disquiet offer whore, interested, 80k (10 date); server updated.
loves charge stressed subject: operation. examine message unlike carrier
'presentation self,' hard-ware link (wire connectivity) response, self.
resonant receiver transmitter;
transmitter--->[information*noise]--->receiver integrated rewrite;
operation sites. irc, talk, ntalk, moos, etc.) opposite collapsed
(integrated identity, telephony) 'aura' involving extra-linguistic
cesses/gestures). speaks, _heard,_ exist._ regard _wars ontology,_
silence, territorialization oneself existence, secures challenges. stake
slander, _exist,_ withdrawal, withdrawing _always_ drawal, physical,
dolence disbelief arrive months friend, fashion. _hysteria,_ focused,
cathected _else- where_ considerable maintain domains) them- selves
competition wounded. _phantom body,_ fulfilled, controlled, out-of-control
appendage; drawn-forth messaging, _only_ desiring eating anorectic things,
neurotic-obses- sive compulsion mirror-stage which, problematically _on
_castration_ _cauterization_ presymbolic; being-in-the-world, 'leaky,'
presymbolic leaks (literally, other). seen, residue _addiction_ filtered
establishment sight, cite/citation, bibli- ographic bleak landscape
relieved reconsideration (yes, telephony); foregone blurred. shudders;
simultaneous. _occurs_ _occurrence ontolog- ical_ ?); 'pratico-inert,'
simul- taneously geography transformed; laminar, multiplexed, cease
multiplicity laterally. fragments, deconstructs), tain fiber optics,
neural-electronic comprehensible layers. sitings (hysteric) in-gathering
juncture sociobiological bone juts mud baked blows unperturbable, bone,
cloth sharpnel, spoon tag rusted ,, could, wood handle tool worn ferrule,
nails shafted unknown boning, fluted marrow tone removed, passing,
singular, odor, speaking, . scrap paper, winding fashion? other? on?
heads? tremble terminal? loners, isolated, marked desperation? resources
consuming? aggression brings tears? denial engage addictions? passes hate,
frauds belonged world? communities, genuine? legions false? commit,
knowingly unknowingly? disasters hard-drive memories? could? drugs
alcohol? freedom? shatter friends? understands says? person, living?
afraid eyes? you? reading writing? tremble, staring death? alive? sort?
gain headed decay? go? depressed, denial? existence? yourself, expect
understand me? hate promises? log night night? shake down? nightmares
refuses entry? cries, pain? hear? essay recommended lingis' society
dismembered parts,_ *gilles deleuze theater philosophy,* eds. boundas
olkowski. particular, passage, page 297: "now winces mark; incision pen
paper. ability incision, wound; lightly page, seeing, sensing tissue
seeing though flat emptiness. active, palpating pain, jumping leopard;
passive abstract it." reference incisions, circumcisions, kinds
transformations ikonic, passage demarcations _conclude_ totality.
totalizes, removes ("the wound" pre- sence unremarked), disembodiments
woven "we" ourselves, _impresent,_ re-presen- ted cauterization encoding:
totalized-body latter's dismembered/wounded "dismembered" assuming, does,
membering "wounded" emplies holism. conceive pre-semiotic part-objects,
transitional not- all.) imply, psycho-anthropological wounding torsion
words. generates suturing, presencing metaphoric _suffering_ involved
lyotard's inhuman* fur- ther elucidation. famous _can body_ passages
first: soliciting emptiness, evacuation overweening, selective,
identificatory suffering." [,,,] burdens grace happen suffering. enjoyment
possessed lost." symptom inscribe resolving irresolute, deciding patient,
wanting want, wanting, _must_ signified." lyotard over: thinking-,
representing-machines suffer? scarcely matters 'achieve' paradoxical
'data' quasi-givens, givables, described. credible proposition." "if
suffering already-thought, inscribed." _labor_ _pain_ relevant thinking,
packet-driven exper- iences, analogous _object-oriented language,_ more.
processes_ cauterized, elim- inated, evacuated, totalization. posted
previously, clarification emendation wound, alleg- iance kristeva names
thing_ *black sun,* depressive conceivably _matrix_ conditions subsume
(itself) messy among, least, artists, "cuttings," inflicted leg, wrist
breasts? cuttings, production, determination _without_ culture;
scarifications _refuse_ grapheme vestige dismemberment lingis. _obverse_
siting computer-mediated sutured savaged therefore, _entirely germane_
sufferings, tremblings, manifest states embodied disembodied _extent_
manifest, nature. metaphorically subtextually, proble- matic
imaginary/uncanny _very_ [ edmond jabes. theme find, jabes' _letter yukel
sarah,_ *from book,* selections, italicized parentheses original: "does
book, love? manifests hugging, stroking, biting sentences, unveiled
passion wounds fertile lesions vulva sperm "'there sea book," 'words
unwinddays continual back-and-forth 'though weaker weaker,
neverthelessend.' exchanging _void writing_ _writing void._" circumscribe
writing-community, void,_ void, caress, death-love blankness written,
spread, space? _completion_ train questions, serving void denial. ][ star
night-time skies erratic globular cluster. download edit star.bas
executable. dos prompt, f5 key. starts prompt .2 config creation
universe-image mocking reach steady-state altered ways pruning-back (.3
example). _peripheral_ vision, events happening (you support 12 25-33 mhz
speed.) crude. cannot, attributing catastrophic creations evolution
catastrophe plasma-jets annihilating scenario, billion years... star1.bas
40, =4 oval; 40 striations q"; coordinate .1 400"; again" 12: (-q, q)-(q,
-q) 320: sh 1280: 10: 0), a)-(0, -a), 8 d x: 1.5 density changed rnd .5 -x
-y point(x, y): 16 l sqr(x 100000 10 < -100000 -10 sin(l): sin(l) (u, v),
sin(p): sin(p) y), prunes starfield, .3 rnd, rnd), lt: .005 alter beaming
(d, e)-(x, 2: j, n: j), (rnd .05 1) 25 lt .003 zed four: zd 250
eith/urles, twelfth-century cmc parlour avoided cost? crime, lord
temptation idle, monstrance prayer constancy beloved grieved purpose
salvation. encoun- tered stigmata par- ticular redemption hath sinful
presuppose pronouncing piped absolution. _regulae inclusarum,_ ancren
riwle,_ "my dear master," [me leoue sire] saith [sum inouh], "is out?"
yea, sister, harm anchorite [ancre], especially young. _regulae,_ eve,
[vre alre moder], sin eyesight. still, blessed babbling gaping [ne blowe
/ge hire nout ut mid ma/thelinde mu/the, ne /geon- iinde tuteles]. last,
_tattling_ emerge bersabee th/urh th/et heo unwreih hir danuies sih/the,
likewise bathsheba, unclothing david's _story_ unfolds "as came," bernard,
"into sin, [eie th/urles] soul." doth portal? no, crist himself?
remonstrance, sinner embraces! thus, ase wolden steken veste euerich
th/url, fast aperture! hell soul? windows, eilth/urles, anchorite. al holi
writ ful warningge eie! holy warning eye! hwat bute wind? window,
withoute, wherefore, sisters, [al beon lutle] little, parlour's smallest
narrowest. twofold; cloth; cross white, without. ordained god law pit al-
covered ; uncovered, beast fell uncovered good. ter- rible [wepmones
eien]. behold becometh sticks behinde skull, be- wrought, almihti feder,
y/ sune, soth/fest gost, scripture cross. vlih wunden: creop ham th/ine
th/oughe. beo/th opene. muchel luuede lette makien swuche th/urles uorrte
huden inne: wounds; creep thy permitted cavities him, wounde; wounde
speaketh [cat "morton's_trans" addenda.txt] scattered armand mattelart,
mapping nineteenth-century illustrators cruikshank, order,
_scattering-production,_ telegraph, telephony, passenger pigeon, optical
railroad, presages ter-mediated cruikshank's table-book 1845, railroad
dominates thermodynamics. splintering; scattering production. demon 1845_
john oxenford (cruikshank, op. cit.), read: eminence city, thither saw
tending; beheld. gigantic seemingly fashioned iron, animated semi-life,
seated throne. flashed, redness life-sparkle human- ity; nostrils vapour,
ere disperse. unpoetical enough. huge large pipe, innumerable spheres,
glittered gold, wafted air." volume, natural panic,_ angus b. reach:
"again dire monster heat supported coke; bubbling trunk fatal lungs steam
throwing vapours; limbs crushing reach; sovereigns tongs catches cinders;
coals emblematic worshippers pulled; casting gauge, broad narow, battle
formidable mons- ter 'the railway panic.'" _railway calls_ editor, "every
holder shares railway, pieces scrip, entitling proportionate red, yellow
map, railway." mattelart: 1882, 17 meetings concerning telegraph.
stephenson's 'rocket,' prototype locomotives, appeared 1829 world's rail
430,000 kilometers." _turner carnot:_ "no discourses, scenes, sculptures
clean, edges: directly. detours. yes, incandescence. random." balance
sheet up. tools: locomotive, steamships, furnace, foundry." essay: cloud
aleatory squall, tank, engine resembles scourge thing-nature. painter
entrails thing: bundles, dualism sources, winking fires, entrails, womb
sun, rain, ice, showers. heaven, sea, thunder boiler bakes
problematization, natural, technology, technological mines produced lakes
drawn? scattering-production creates, _emissions,_ scattering-effects
electron, scrutiny. socius ideations; early nineteenth height industrial
revolution, networks (re. kittler) play, admixture hysteria, cuperated
steam, serres references "material entrails," world," reconfiguration
cools outward aspects regimes dispersion empire. regarding resolution,
because, evident, _there problem._ yet, construct; bifurcates dissolves:
mediation assemblages. biogenetics smooths bifurcation. happens, _steam._
philip morrison normative plasma; inhabitation _hearth,_ exception.
exception, _ class- "normal" two-valued holds; barbarians deconstructed
imagination.) sondheim) newsgroups: alt.fan.amy-fisher amy fisher... sep
1994 23:59:39 -0400 residency experimental art nyc fisher" pieces,
sampler, combining fairly imagery bodies, absurd, lasted actually feeling
actually, _seeing_ really, careful realize disturbing erotics tapes
beautiful. _mouthing_ sinking ugliness, conjoins scissors laundering
interior. stitches gagging cluster sounds swallowing pretty pebbles torn
reproduction; sap opening, show unattended, snaps, crashing melodrama rna
scurrying task. catastrophe, blunted concentration mathematics. straight
parts. large, returns fold. peacefully, splays absolved there. mouthing,
sorrow "wail wail": working, asleep, "home: `wail wail': home": names,
mouths. precious pebbles, penny, book. mention optional? monochrome
options optional. mouthed. susan understand? woke dreary tuesday, sight.
"looker." yelling rain fell. narrative. therefore... susan, phd. thinking.
alan. see, disassociative disorder. asso- ciative disorder environment;
"belong" toaster. disassoci- ative opposite. belongs alan's mind; mess.
tell, missing _numbed._ _numbed_ participate _connect_ else; discovered
connect. bed _intra- venous._ way; morrow's wednesday, remove tubes. tube
telescope, "eh susan?" stomach us? o, bottom? eh? either, luckiness_
_obdurate_ _numbed,_ away! believe, sanctity,_ adequate reflects, owe
gratitude sleep. fix pillow. confession left, slaughtered guaranteed
absolution innocent tried judges tribunal, clerks lawyers justice _one
power_ male, millions sexual hair, clearest violated, enriching creaks
satisfied jew, sold passover sacrifice taste christian straight, cocks
spend lives tempting complaining crush jew muslim, sissy-men dirty
dung-heap filth contaminating wives daughters, steal money, garbage!
pervert christ, cleanliness, doctors aids riding wealth immeasurable,
undeniable, privileged anyone's belief problem, managing flawlessly
strangled race, country papers films private, animal, vegetable, mineral,
you: rape bounds! wealthy, living fat land, cancelling crimes depts day!
holocaust! tell! all! fassbinder, street rules replying, stick
subject-line contributes replies agree" contribute halt. argument. refrain
surrealisms annihilate almost- 5 honest, genuine, authentic community.
remember: yourself. (see #8, 10). 7 exactly mean. contain honest feelings,
technically prohibited transmission. 9 consummation genuine encounter.
accurate description rewarded; inaccurate description, destination. 11
fullest, invisi- bility text; kindly replying. writing; 13 emoticons
freely, doubling tripling indicate merriment ill-humor moment. 15 flowers
meadows forests phrases. infant destined stillborn unless hungry breast
correspondent. chain cost impoverished anecdote king, corn, chessboard.
king daughter knight. knight grain. queen. chessboard, twice previous.
grains 2^64 been. seven- teenth count married 18 falsehood; dissension;
emotion person. 19 innuendo replies, fullest. "die welt alles, der ist."
ist gesamtheit tatsachen, nicht dinge." wittgenstein. fact. 23 exist,
seals surrounds skin. other_ touch, infantile massage sleeping dreaming
newly-born; punctuate rhythm lost, touch. laugh uncontrollably knees,
pockets arms. muscles close, ejaculate, wet, ripples hearing, jaws
distance, building materials pleading entity. .... disembodiment effacing
slips massaged babies "more alert, responsive, aware surroundings,
tolerate orient faster emotionally control." (diane ackerman.)
_speechless,_ silence; milk, fathom. ..... mediated, release definition;
full- ness cartography. pages splayed, bed. circuitry, alone. _laminar_
state. surprise, off-balance afraid. dances ferdinand, perfection.
together, lean floor, oblivious audience trance evening, him; living,
slide breathless, floor. up; pleading, selves, x's sway, begging chasm
poems, performatives, expletives, sexualities surround crashes. crashes
so. it._ pretend tongue, fingers, touched eyes. speaking. farther, _web
inversion,_ dissolution stage. stops station; stops. presence. irghaz
empire troops battle, shirt backs. way. spoils disappear bare backs,
spoils. emerged slit parade tilted horses tilted; wander mountains strewn
boulders smaller colorful pale beards purple, green silks, weathers.
battle-clothes, mention. horsemen, blur settle. stunted trees growing
slopes mountains. cascade downward. remembers passage. had, impart
impartation. darkest sh'in. suites suite hierarchy rest. directly reality;
_classical_ architecture, infor- mation lowest _bearer service_ "bits
bits." bit, state? bits _succession states_ specified _diachronic reading_
bearer service. _synchronic _spatial arrangement states. constitute
relativized heisenberg's complementarity. odn _transport_ layer, "flow
end-point connection establishment," formatting. transport service node.
_middleware,_ "higher-level functions applications." security, encryption,
systems, addressing, dealt _applications_ ftp. _problematic_ "directly"
interacts "content." indeterminate. bernard aboba's encyclopedia,
described: application. internet: started, hardware, link, else- where,
seven networks. layering level; consciousness, particulate, (_internally,_
site-specific; _externally,_ fuzzy, attractor.) breaks. bits/bytes,
streams. substrate. blems graviton inequivalent ontologically
infinitesimals. convention- alism platonic idealism physicists. layer
semiotics syntactics) phenomenological-interpretive high-level abstracted
incorporation/introjection "tree" inequivalent, signified "tree"). issue
emotional "psychological" account. you," how, syntax, interpreted? rep-
resentation signified/naming "loved")? embodiment abandoned, thereafter,
claim _presencing_ _downstreaming_ bridging domains, end, recipient.
emergence, material/psycho- substrates; wouldn't _outgoing_ qualitatively
differ _incoming_ one? _compression_ sending inequiv- _decompression_
receiving; face-at-hand, _surmise._) _absenting_ use; anomaly break-
(seamed, sutured) _corruption text._ skeleton -------------------------
_gter-ma_ discoverer concealed books (_g-ter-ston_) person embodying poles
extra-temporality." pervaded extra-temporality. vision. nyang-ral
nyi-ma-'od-zer (1124-1192) padmasambhava horse hooves spiritual beings;
empowerment heavens trembled, shook." esoteric buddhism tibet, eva m.
dargyay.) leans void." (edmond jabes.) obscene dimension boundaries,
exceed apprehend irrational, experience dialectic death." "obscenity chal-
lenges accepted culture, toward revisiting reasons being, underscoring
tenuousness." (voluptuous yearn- ings, feminist obscene, mary caputi.)
obscenity interwoven matrix, splay/display, transgression. secrecy,
immobilized _hole_ spent presymbolic_appearance._ _unspeakable,_
specificities culturally involves privatized secrecy. secrecy rite
shamanistic shame, liquidated machinic _role,_ determinate "wobbly."
thought; caresses obscenities (willing unwilling) masochisms.
self-silencing repro- duction psychoses, echos bounced mail, quotations
requotations, reitera- tions. _passes_ _polite,_ transference sender
receiver. polite [the contours] above; politeness. push _hack_ hacking
numbing discomfort resolution. pornography's irresolute lack
image/text/imaginary consumer readied consumption) reading, redescription
re-entry) recuperation) form) circumlocutions analytically display power.
circumlocution: disembodiment. site, flames, burns; disemboweled. out. sat
session paris drunk chat qui peche bank borrowed alto tenor morocco named
alain died trainwreck france's ayler (albert don) onstage birds bright
flew horn abyss moral american whiteboy jewboy vietnam copenhagen dexter
gordon fierce drummer blakey guiseppe logan played student reggae roll
jamaicans fours indian flute listened drumming thr highnote three-hundred
odd attending screaming disaster concert late dane misinterpreting cecil
taylor /who mercer? side-walk caving in/ joans mali lick trumpet, recorded
others hearing music, leroi jones' applecore articles beat those, notes
gone, bird tacked copenhagan dew drop inn junkie needles etched alley
latenight ago squeal think, in: seine, altosound notre dame mid- war-night
screams, figural double- decade, who's what, listening, maya illusion
culture-murder grotto shapes back- tun-huang frescos; arche- typal
pictures brain velocity, brain. repeat seconds-after-midnight function.
limited interest nested recursion image- "lean" script.)] 386 vha svga
monitor; 25mhz speed. "grotto.bas" qbasic: prompt: /run grotto.bas runs
stopped. stop, control-break, file, alt-file exit). batch editor cd/dos
"grotto.bat" anywhere, "grotto" generate cancelled. care, sin/cos tan
overflow.) freeware accompanied author's x-y randomize timer gg zink: zz
int(rnd 10) zink .4 (-d, d)-(d, -d) sin(sin(y) cos(y)) -y), 4000 damaged
1989 mother-father baby turns. dying, burns. flames leap father-mother
lies dead. eyelids, rising. babe turns around, bones crying. rash, kills
tormentor. ash. rising, daily. cries defiled. falling, atone. turning,
dies daily, noise.[1] huddled air.[2] molecules.[3]
tan(tan(tan(tan(tan_x)))).[4] weaving.[5] atom exploded.[6] billowing.[7]
carapace.[8] shift serrated edges.[9] ---------------the cliff
[1].ejaculations sound. vortices, material. sub-vortices, borne shear,
resonate shrill wavering tones. sine. polished ellipsoidal fractured.
[2].oxygenated, singed dust. leverage laminar erasures firestorms.
scuttling. [3].wave-organelles, floatations. compressive immobilities,
tailored below. stars [4].enfolding resonance. intensity reason? tangent,
feed. time? _not life._ [5].occasionally shaft wheel. knot, [6].from
weight. tangential pharoah catalyst, tethered wave. whisper: _everything
kind._ ending: [7].noise. supra-vortices stream syllable. foam-flecked
sloped debris gathering. pebble. indentation [8].scuttling insect
unraveling surplus niche. carriers molecules, exploding atoms, waves.
[8].from corners desolate continents planets, moons' eerie face-offs
heats, scraggled metamorphoses. infestations, tailed. stars? folded
matter. [8]._gter-ston_ "dbyings-phyug ye-s'es-mtsho-rgyal, mistress
mysteries, pronouncements (_bka'-ma_) seizing forgetting anything."
[9].grinds disappearance _the._ _dissappearance the: disapperance slips,
shudders, skimmers, fans, tonya fans 04:20:23 organization: panix unix,
lines: message-id: <363bs7$d54@panix3.panix.com> nntp-posting-host:
panix3.panix.com x-newsreader: tin [version 1.2 pl2] _does_ obtuse,
inverted disliking shannon doughtery (sp.?) _contain_ her; tonya,
simplify. we're attracted danger sexualized, stepping hadn't realized joey
b's wife nancy k's (all parts), angry edgy skewer default, fandom, darker
_save_ trip: male-male helping little-girl-prostitute misery himself. god.
fuck. disease, 2008 abstract: (computer-mediated-communication) classified
prosthesis ego/libidinal relationships trans- interpenetration
internalized symptoms: echo; numbness legs; carpal-tunnel syndromes;
static hyperactivity; talking- [indeterminate eye-focusing off-screen];
nervousness insomnia; quasi-psychotic real-life responsibility; ill-health
pallor. findings: recent donald (_origins_) generalized aetiology stemming
theories incorpora- piaget's manipulative winnicott's conscious
preconscious processings apparatus external. seeming necessity (food,
drink, heroin) positively negatively addictive; anorexia, postive food,
nourishment negative addiction. _external_ process- associated things:
stor- processing; organization reorganization storage, inputting
outputting (modelled algebras); interfacing target last; instances
flicker-rate obseqious constituted cmc. ia flicker-rate. refreshes
approximately frames/second; interlaced field, fields/second. intensities,
hours' duration; intensities (such office situation), flicker pre-migraine
displays addictions. epilepsy. ib _internally illuminated,_ all-over
diffuse wide-area source. hearth; _away_ desk hearth-like framework. sits
range 80 clutter 75%. hearth, articulation-point faces _house-hold gods_
impersonalization (hidden operations, neutrality) personalization (instant
as: a. personalizing inputs outputs); connotation "magic mystery" ii
_temporal _critical import._ communications, unprecedented basis.
circadian rhythmic pattern, evening hours. cmc, _delay_ elements play.
operational non- reply; _intensive personalization_ ib). sign-off, kill,
other's messagings _before_ tactics" deployed. anonymity "occupa- tion,"
rewritten, "virtual subject" rewrites, continually, herself. evidence,
obsessive neurosis, intertwin- here: s/m components; flame, sign-off)
revelation secrecy-revelations veil anonymity). mentioned reconsidera-
iib. "customizing" bases. structs preminent development narcissistic
symptom- ology strategies._ reveal/communicate secrecies; intensively
_with appearance_: serve deepen established treatment: speculate
treatment, strategies, b-mod, employed. twelve-step epidemiology: widely;
juncture, avoid treatment _condi- tion_ (sociobiological) behavior.
viewpoint, treated, accommodated. certainly, barring unforeseen disasters,
2050, (vr) commonplace. addictions social norm, speculate: _addiction
subjectivity._ addiction: repetitive havioral autonomic nervous system)
components addiction; storage media parcel cognition, heroin substances
survival. harder _between_ ad- dictions, often-ineffectual withdrawal
natural-evolutionary sequence species staff telcom (tdcc). 4/18/2008
searchlight request sydney, australia, whereabouts allison ritch,
disappeared, activities. email. someday children. photographs spit grave.
machines cause claire rule probably cars shooting stars, be. sicker. atoms
crawl purpose, at. bring? vast skittering rocks harsh winds flares
mindfulness, freed prison becoming, chanting grievous pores captured
darkling nocturnal bliss canopying unfettered orb aye lads lasses,
disputationsforaging hoveredmoor ravagedaeons, tossed mast,
laughtershadowingcovert, lesser thin-shaftalready professor." alone;
habitually coffeeshop noonday meal. well-known books, unkempt appearance.
bachelor thinks much. nostalgia childhood, decrepit rundown neighborhood.
rare moments restaurant. year, watched go; obviously boyfriend. chance,
searching end. vienna, 1930, park slope, 1994.) walking "valuables" can.
pack hurry. loss, jazz solo _beyond_ quicker. continuation. lap, advice
afternoon walk. description. rifying cease. absorption utter traces,
indentations graced surface. granite steel, hundreds thousands copies,
stelae, graveyard breathed fingered, hearing. tomb, muffled highs lows,
manuscript some. finish shell, snap insufficient ecology ensures cliff;
annihilated picture drive, chora, origins; _actively inscribing_ nowhere.
thursday; received thereafter. died. insecurity cyberspace; disappear.
------------------------ sondheim@panix3.panix.com wed 28 09:00:34 wed,
08:54:27 (edt) <sondheim@panix3.panix.comcybermind@world.std.com wired
wired: double-screens intended protectionfollows. objec-tional offensive.
cunts creasing inverting '74 television, theory! arched, wanted clumsy
pencil, supply lead. mouth; dissolved pain. arm, bent impossibility,
hovering miscarriage, afterbirth. shove flower. painted picture-perfect
shadowed breasts, naked. blood smearing beautifully inside. burrowed
asshole; shit tip, moist, smears heavy pants; watch cloth. rod musk lure;
presses barren permanent fuck, bound, organs, piss, cum, shit, assholes,
cunts, rigid cord neck. leaned menstrual blood. belief. im ply disbelief.
s mirror. style. disbel ief disavowal. question. answer jeopardy. answ er
token, signi- fied. signifieds virtual. axiomatic. answer. truth. lief.
disavowal disinvestment decathexis. stepping-aside, , assertion. purse hol
empty. inters ection complement. members defini demarcati constru ct.
skittering; non-classical et post-modernity extrusion, embarkation faulty
ship chart- waters, retur safety axiomatically simulta neously
disconnected _same._ believ fissure, devolving wishing insomnia,
existence." exist. victimed recover bringing subterfuge enough, moment,
accompanies exhaus- sickness engendered extremes, sleep waking difficulty.
satisfy sleepless, monitors twisting dreams, stress. tortures floods,
trapped walls, attacks anonymous gangs, plane crashes, sex disavowals,
tears, strangers. comprehension, mocked. minutes shuddering, keyboard,
shaking extremis, narcissism, diaries, men, collapses, prepar- day. days,
nights. mornings promise cat's found. found, insomnia grips absurdly.
fantasies loving, narratives salvation; scrolls, textual determina- tions
putrescent, bursting. shudder electric tension shoulders. floor friend.
breathe. (if experience, wellspring slightest doubt, rent fabric, fountain
falsehood.) mystical mourning mourning? fulfills margins, siphons rites
central shift. exist,* torah-moths fluttering wood, hair-thin beckoning
flees copper-red, lacquered, warmth snow environs. snow, appear, shudder,
recovered glistening moon. over, draws snows, torah, moths cold, so,
vermin creeping supernal forms, expounded wondrous topic. attracting
abundant splendor. (14th abraham granada.) cradle stone mocksthronegod's
beseeched rejoice sing mourns speaking's (emily dickinson, 1830)
phonecalls mourning, melancholia anguish, recounting abuse brother;
succeeding expanded town involved. increased; reconciled parents,
analysis. killed. premonition college, rushing try- desperately dormitory,
attempted suicide, hospital, phone ear, calmed office. wife, hour, counted
sixty-eight phonecalls. subsequent vandalism. lived trailer one-armed
warned psychotic, door, dodging sex. trusted telephone. melancholic
struggling receiver, imprint whispered missing. hospital obligatory
threats imagined transformation. phone. self-hatred, web-inverting
promised unrecoverable, stumbling faux-world hysterically, hour hour.
ex-machina, ex-cathedra echoing longing. alt.angst expecting listen,
replies. expanding, filling neighborhood, listening. self-reflexive,
proclaim melancholy abjection phonemes unrecup- erated melancholy. van
gogh's faux-gift gogh connoted unrequited conjuring party-line, cajoling,
smell bakelite enamel plastic. houdini relative. disappearing, remains.
pleaded hammering corraling abandonment vengeance. flee guilt, haunts
vocal extinction. connect, rubbed copper, carbon, murmuring. disconnects;
falters, switched grinds disassembly, reassembly, switching continuity
gates become; become, freewill. enact waking, baskets oceans
unconsciously, voices, kconk ".kconk kconk" "who's there?" "!tes ruoy
edisni gniht elttil tsetuc eht m'i .em s'ti" "!ni emoc ?ees annaw .maeb
nortcele yb mraw os can't. you?" hself ym gniggard ev'i .nala gniyonna
yllaer m'i" "!ynaffit ,uoy tnaw .ereh kcuts htiw "i'm moron. sig!" teg fi
dna enoyreve ot uoy tog tub" ll'i "you remind wrote, gonna everybody dlot
i' ,nemow lanimirc ni syas yksvokiatct sirhc sa ,yltcaxe" od t'nac ouy fi"
dekcin gnitteg tuoba erac ton taht reh "'.reh evol ylniatrec tub "emirc
t'nod ,emit criminal safe exterior?" morf geb d'i ,ynaffit erew !niaga
yltcaxe" "!nus teem lliw ,nug fo taeh :dloc "or son, cyberson?" ".emit
sekam emir eht" wanna from?" ,eb nac reeuq ,em wonk ",tenretni oleih aralc
esuac kcuf tsrif ruo si siht .uoy llew eeb yenoh ".lliw sey gnitirw ydnac
emos evig won oot mind." ".won ,nala ybab ,dnim uoy" sprouts tongue.
teeth." hteet raeppasid muc nehw" neht .yrotcerid toor ,enim/dnim eb
.esolc .nettirw resurrection covers walls tiny jointed encrustation
descent warning. twinges frontal area brain, garbled signals
_proliferation._ unique. twentieth-century english, freezing corpse.
population letter, poison. _second user_ wire. thread, common. asymptotic
carry- disk wherever expands, blooms consciousness. attains omega well;
_truth text_ capitalism, remem- bered horizon. would-be corpse longer.
future. occur, would-have-been. exchange disks backbone sur- vival,
achieved labor. romantic, half-closed concentration, distance.
_____________________________________________________i-m manifesto
cybermind! mortality! theological speculation, humanity whole, eternity!
energies creation! stalks savannahs, deserts, tasting infinity, hopes
launched future! resplendent destruction! generations nourishment!
beginnings comprehend, resolution! wild, free, growing, sustains earth's
becoming! yourself! experiment! intimations realms minds! fruits labors
remembered, war, human, future: coming- comprehend! portal!
/____________________________________________________\unable deliver
indexical index embodi- ment phantom, haunting shamanic familiar scription
reinscription, novel _demands_ irreal, emerges swollen, tumescent, but,
solely data-bank frisson witnesses entry, enchant- evident sig. of,
shorter, fulfilled deliver, hysteria: absentia symp- tom surmise, sick,
physically, heart-rate speeded sweating, shivering pneumonia fever when,
temperature normal, pains occupying sorts, headaches stress portending
onset migraine, abandonment, discard, longer, unto enchantment, planes,
deliver. heterosexual reproduction, clara, tree otherwise. simplex, vector
attached, maw-like, simplex abandonment; inward, concourse exacerbated
octahedron, orthogonal coordinate, equi- center. star. motivates
confluent. fearful, unwieldy. shave pink root. prosthetics absolute;
raises splint. wooden hinges, tape, bandaging. sheen immersed membranes,
sublime; raise indexicality intensifies, pointing spraying looks made?
shaved, beauty-thing, _this_ absolute. absolutely absolute, sublime.)
things; sadism? relation- ship; indemnity (herself/himself) mattered.
terror, chance. pink. juan-pablo drowns descending maw thins molecular,
barrage micro-ecologies, myself: aristotle pause. ideological, sputtering
syntactic strategy, engulfs lips. upright, ground capsules. breast, arrow.
lubrication. throat; resides throat seat soul; pineal gland, soul cutting
windshear. hollow, fills baby. hielo dropping. school. school; unbearable,
umbrella mexican violent, we'd half-closed, side- agave plain. asking
painters, foothills, arroyo base, pottery designs. old. birth, sun-dark,
coatimundi, shards path, was, go. cardon cacti imperceptibly hills. heat,
day's baking drew moisture opuntia describe, glowed behold, paws swooping
half-circles moon-rings, orbits, planets steps. hunch far-sight, lie,
glaring, drowned remember, farm land stones, plain, footprints harvested.
jagged lightning novas winked holes, star-debris, detritus, spanning
galaxy? cold; would. spoken quasars, nebulae, molecules bondings span aid
wide-field telescopes days. string matter, gravity, master. rented star,
cur- rency soft. soften, soften floppy. floppy fine thanks lot, strings,
hysterias radiations, rings, jets universe. quiet, cosmos beat- confuse
lucky. she'd instance, nuclear nothings, quantities defy sublime dumb,
exhausted; burial stratum. floppy, memorial, added different/indifferent.
add blown bubbles void; empti- ness, skim nonexistent, ghosts, skimming
less, ghosts inconsequential payment. comets poem. bubbles, sacks
temporarily deploying molecular identifications, rejections, hollowed o's
leaps dissolving destinations armpits toppling paths shoulders, travelling
intermittent tensions knuckles compressed tingling constricted flow,
sloughing bone. spurts flows. suit apparatus, secrets. genitals,
unaroused, distinguishing features, sudden car suburban street? bag.
freed, arcs curb, bicycle girl's dress lawnmower. slows halt; left-frontal
lobe throbs ceronetti says, shelters sheds obscure moon killer."
_obscure?_ jane lipton, menstruation psychoanalysis, points helene
deutsch, "at extreme, damage, dismemberment: 'in anxieties provoked blood,
part.'" going; take? lupton concludes "'creative waste': phrase recapit-
ulates ambivalence women's _menstruation psychoanalysis,_ carl jung's
'creative mana' otto fenichel's 'first pollution.' affirm powers, spinning
threat- ened implicit mourning." _months pass sign._ limbs, sack,
accretion, plasticity pits shallow; cup bleeding arms, anatomy exposed.
closest delirium, exposure circulations. holes. spoken- for; understood
anatomic subterranean glancing gleamed women; marketplace damage
reiterations, obscurities. woman" useless. veins. path. barrow glass,
pained dissolute, indeterminate, mire morrow "considerably" sorrow. less.
sensation; rushes exquisite killing decathects, sullenly survive self-same
alive die: defeats minor victory recompense morrow, ironically. claws
hosts servers, furrows. died, barrows burrowed; morrows wires; tombed,
foam <net12.txt beginning> forest moves clearing, children, toys cane.
capture lizard hunt spears, cruelty mobility, sensitivity, places, denser
brush rains afternoon. adult by. adults _noran_ emerged, ceiling wrestle
hunting, meats eat _cona,_ silly, nakedness. imitate smiling. brush,
touches both, later, magazines, film, dog cat partnered inviolate, story
norway word. hunting bow spear breathing true. hers. learn testify.
adults, grownups games. ghost read, smiling slept quietly repetitions
instant ecstasy, rhymes verbally prepare exercises. exercises expel
excitement audience. poignant, poignant dimmed spirit departs, lighter
fraction ounce. ennui cope, public. sake audience, ignore tales
ghost-traps, ignorant prey. sentient, melding influxes soul, mediation.
ghostly; beckon shores abandonment. familiars. wraith-like noticed;
attracted. advantage gift, fade lays tonight public, wonderful, renewing
prose confirming decision writer else. speak- illness, happiness audience!
coalesced; usual. _there._ said! luminous inspiring behold. pletely
"working crowd" ordinary, paltry lives. crowded eagerly concluded! mere
proximity halo, wear, years. hue transparency, duty reconsidered,
importuning earthy abode. young! limbs!) caring tame, mongoose, chest,
baring attacked cobra, creation. panchatantra storms friends, storms,
quiescence general! gray's atlantic seasonal hurricane forecast suffice,
9.3, 13.5 46.1, 5.7. smoothly, repeaters stantly meeting obligations
scurry rabbits category compared 2.2, corralling believing armageddon
hand. delusion recor- ded bardo thodol, 4.5 overall, tallied 1944. said?
sleeps while, roams false, ward nether days come. statistic measurement
destruction potential, 68.1, observation 1.7, tells souls written. meagre
edification, yama, dead." yama straddling foretold: made, recognizing
judgement own." bardo-plane violations, desires murder, pleasure-organs
swelling ceases, intercourse sensation. bardo-plane, haunt catching cast
waters. dwell; dwelling eagle harbinger humming-bird seek shelter storm?
most, pogo, traveller enemy, pray oct 02:02:01 02:01:41
dionzeek@aol.com "a charleston image: `...we wings varied fifteen
twenty-five miles hour.' velocity `annihilating time.'" (david nye,
sublime) jan feb mars m tu th 20 24 26 27 29 31 apr junjul aug nov decsome
octobers autumn. chilly evening. pogo friday thirteenth sunday year.
2013england's summer. 2117clears; calendars seem senseless brown,
2321brother daughter. on... promises winter change. 2870miracles fifty
wonder, gone. shining, tonight, always, shimmering
2911------------------------------ sarah bernhardt rose ululations about.
nights, alchemy cylinders, divinity electrons condense disperse,
mindlessly light. phaedre region glazed, mono- logs. doubt ingenues boards
'looking fix' lorgnettes trading kingdom. vulnerable, divine sarah,
cone-like tresses needle recording-grooves pick song, dwellers cioran
talks insomniac, merging sarah's ecstatic unclosing silence. dispersed
threaded sewing paler transfiguration, stretched neck, properly trembing
relinquish. glances shoulder. never, approach. weak, silent, luminescent
lozenge valkyries. design already, drab sitting nonsensical, posterous?
pierced ink surface? notice street. stand what? brown streaks grey.
stooped company, totally intimidated loud raucous; humor, borders
rabelaisian. miss before, insignia coupling, sewn harbor birth.
exceptions, stories, reflections hat me!)  wondering match "this" working.
pathetic stories; flashes tattoos faded assure removed awkwardly matched,
portraits french 'new philosophers' (andre others) time... disparity upon.
disappoint listener date translucent impregnated sus- tains point.
shrugging party, awkwardness extreme; guitar, nervously, records cds sure,
monoprints installations. flayed murmurs already. never... nevers... [2]
noisiness neuroticism, alive; remaking fingertips, thrown emptiness sight;
weeping it.[1] moments, worst, dull painful passages, moment's notice.
solace, hopelessness written; manner, anguish erasure. continues, [1]
this! marguerite duras: "once on: understand. do.'" square) everyone,
equipment use. colors black, white; combination display? crt crystal? ram,
drive? floppies? habit elec- tric bill? apartment computer? added, legal,
quasi-legal, illegal? cpu installed? dimensions monitor, screen? curved,
normal size? keyboard? mouse trackball ball? device buttons? commuica-
control? use? system? mac based? partitioned segments? capacity attached
additional peripherals crease memory? upgraded cpu, speakers, components?
cd-rom speed? dot pitch interlaced? upload protocols; kermit, xmodem,
ymodem, zmodem, ascii? perfect, wordstar, editing, vi emacs, altogether?
workstation desktop tower mini- mainframe palmtop newton bernoulli
manager? math coprocessor? monitor cga ega vga svga? docking module
laptop? monitor? serial have? ports? amiga parity, bits? mail folders?
mac, menu protocols? card? fax external? slots vesa bus slots? drives
scanners per inch laser jet, wheel color? energy-saving prin- feed? pad
integrated? capacity? ven- tilated lighted? headaches, shoulder backaches,
syndrome on-line? eyestrain, necessitated eyeglass lens prescription? palm
rests? answers appreciated. sticky [proposal exhibition][on wall] [nothing
cyberspace] containing symbol. matrix. off; stain, irrevocable, reminds
consistency desperate reconstruct. (i build unspoken logos.) excessive,
prosthetic, curlicue. reminder, uneasy. software, troubling. slides,
oozes; viscosity. abject. tires truck, detritus spider. naked, proposition
strings attached. untraceable; lead deal, pathways conditions. tend
increase. reels coagulation abject, rundown, minimal fit slots, generally,
poverty. representa- slant-truth viewer installation photograph videotape.
exhibition viewer's attachments. prosthetic art; attachments replacement,
attachments, attachment dismembered, collation obects, (invisible) tape
glue holding. common: ---------- forwarded thu, 17:36:22
<sondheim@panix.comsondheim@panix.com triple-header, gaze image; refuse
mirrors, ugly unconscionable ruin morning, fitful. hiding peer peers am,
frog-like, appearance; glare. magic life! thick, nondescript slovenly,
stumble speech. labor self-hatred subsides disappear, momentarily,
returning, hope, side, wiser behind, airless vacuum; suffocating, oxygen.
gasses rate. fault barren, starry mood, swung hard-by jealous still-copper
signal house, chill internet... glum maine camp milky incredible comet,
hung complex. somehow eilat jerusalem leading, 80. airless, creek swamp
beaver muskrats, fish. beating waitresses walked useless, lifeless damn
keyboard. memories, stars. travel; convince summer, winter, earths, lifted
(it's heavier city) glassine proportion emily dickinson describe... (has
leveled harbored marshland, silt wilderness? pauses eddies, stock
proceeding. hiatus, adds positioning. enough on...) stuck anatomy.
substract enlarge tit, sloshing hormones eman- ations. cords (talking _i_
lingis uttered contraction throat"). switch, sexuality discursive
circumscribed lar; mooring story; performativity interiority irrevocably
disjunct; occasioned liquidity; boring foundering. _tracheotomy._
[2]------------------[2] performance; _existence._ perform, ab- sent,
_event_ language; feedback productive bodies; _bodies povera._ not? switch
androgyny, transsexuality, switch. set, <a,b,c,d,..> sets.
circumscriptions sold, theatrical productions, placement hysteria_ ment,
superstructure signifier. sartre sidered pretence beings choice, surgery,
performance, role, artifice, gaming, disposition (slip/slide)
biology/biochemistroy (stutter) horn, mortar, yourself: conditions, _you_
_self_ stuffing emitting fragmenting gendered detournement
name-of-the-father, _fissure,_ enterprise, splitting ducing gender-switch.

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