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Felino A. Soriano -- Vagabond's Vision

Vagabond’s Vision

Felino A. Soriano

© 2014 Felino A. Soriano     authors-text 08 

The author gratefully thanks editors of the following journals for publishing some of the poems appearing here: Dogmatika, Above Ground Testing, Breed Press, Ann Arbor Review, Because We Write, Bewildering Stories, Blue Fifth Review, Clockwise Cat, Eleventh Transmission, Hecale, iddie, Invisible Ink Poetry, ken*again, Kritya, Locust 5, Pens on Fire, Popular Ink, Rogue Poetry Review, Strange Road, The Houston Literary Review, The Paradigm Online, The Puddle Splashers, The Shine Journal, Ygdrasil, Good Liar, La Fenêtre, Molasses Eyes, Nobody Winks, Silent Actor, The Brave Little Poem Daily, The Flask Review, The Guild of Outsider Writers, and The Persistent Mirage
Vagabond’s Vision #1

Various views from my momentary sitting down,
granting me gregarious
sensuous shapes from artistic angular ensuing,
ageless soaring falcon performing
between bottomless
attributes of winding wind and
influential slants of bouncing blurring light.

Wide, twisting wings, brown extended paintbrush.  
Each brilliant, air-branding
pirouette puts ability to
comprehend my silence, 
size of sand grain, everlasting 
below majestic vocal soaring.

Falcon, I view your alphabetic movements,
magical improvisational, contoured construction of language,
high above my praising gaze and
severed, illegitimate tongue.

Vagabond’s Vision #2

Vis-à-vis the quartet blind (re :) back-turned (guarding)
my filthy face, body odor, holed clothes: 

I alone melancholy state, circled table, covered
in burgundy
sipping red wine.  

Quartet allowing
my ears to become intimate with their
jazz.  Sipping red wine while women
rise in twirling imaginations,
shaped from trumpet and saxophone

Festive hips,
contoured clothing, mimic
sultry language.  
They join my loneliness,
with red wine, 
comment on the candle
table’s clothed
“naked flame
let us copy its
meditative and
various tones of

Vagabond’s Vision #3

Walking, tired, hungry,
held back by the chain of embarrassment,
well dressed city dwellers 
alive with unused change.

Weary, I now 
admiration for the beauty of painted fish, 
east toward west movements of propelling scaly tails.   

Aquatic atmosphere replaces souring stomach pains,
exchanges the twisting tiredness of searching
for food’s lips whose touch remains invisible
among the other mirages of life’s unfulfilling
references toward a sustaining satisfaction.

Vagabond’s Vision #4

A repetition of smooth black glistening spiders hanging from 
a clinging wood ceiling is my view from an abandoned
warehouse floor.  Long legible labyrinths of 
interconnecting hoary webs have formed themselves 
around all shadows, my horizontal shadow, whose 
liveliness challenges Plato’s famous philosophy, 
maintaining that indeed my shadow is alive with consistency, 
an entity of extended existence.  Whispering light crawls sloppily 
through broken restless windows, gregariously
greeting cracked concrete and dusty atmospheric dimensions.  
I lie still to avoid conversation with fear and slip into an imaginary 
invisibility to the walking  and wide awake cold.

Vagabond’s Vision #5

Through a hazy maze of 
ancient living oaks,
golden slanting light 
reaches down with 
kind smooth palms and 
gift giving fingers,
feed with warmth browned 
deadened grass a 
skimming squirrel
whose feet like wings of 
hallucinatory hummingbirds
mesmerize eyes of my conversational
chasing gaze.  

Vagabond’s Vision #6

Among the dead, deep below the à la mode environment
where the culture considered popular reveres
reverends, athletic accomplishments, matching couches,
all quasi interesting to those birthed of the Cyclops

Among the natural philosophers, whose noses
revere the cornucopia of scents splaying in diverse directional
gifts, the rising curtain of black birds covering the
opposite side of dusk’s smiling vernacular,
where syllables combine in juxtaposing reflections
to compete for curling hair glory of moon’s
dainty beauty, preparing to be shown in tomorrow’s
opening pageant.  

Vagabond’s Vision #7

This young morning cold 
has many features, 
fractures, far off from 
my weak connection, 
my unwilling hands
whose bodies have
rubbed themselves

Wind winds its curling 
stretch around the red 
plaster house my back 
has melted into.  

Ice hangs, 
forming frozen 
knives stabbing into 
air’s perennial silence.  

I am too tired to rise 
and observe
the lowest resting knife, 
appreciate the quivering
color maneuvering 
within ices’ hanging 

Vagabond’s Vision #8

Windows intended
with invisible
bodies to postpone
abilities of outsiders.
These opposite, antithesis
to opaque windows
the revealing—
as in the right side
of a colon’s
                                    many married,
                                    collide within 
a building’s body,
breathing, assuring
a brutal 
to bums
whose misfortune,
broken into crumbs
fortune cookies
revealing fiction
are not to mingle
with city’s
well off
fat cats.

body guarding windows,
dazzlingly dressed
citizens never gaze 
toward my garbed 
in fig leaf gazes.

Vagabond’s Vision #9

Segregated feet
whose footsteps
languages of lingering 
whether the body of the walker
or elong-
overmedicated tongues, aboriginal
vernacular accepts
mimicking mirrors


soaking marrow
through marriage
of the manipulated
back into the scenery
of symbolic

Vagabond’s Vision #10

What easily dissipates is easily found
inside the “actual.”
Picture: a human brain:
smothered in itself:
fractured: within itself:
below scrutiny:
scrutinized by intellectuals:
the human brain,
embodied by
predisposition to depression,
but this depression
is not depression,
but intuition into interaction
with distraction.

Evil minded blank stares,
in actuality are no more
than paper unfolded waiting
to be scribbled atop in a revamping,
waiting to be awarded by the newly 

Vagabond’s Vision #11

Asleep, awakened by wandering
above average one may call “angelic”
(if in fact the “one” brazen enough to              
 whisper into a culture unaware of winged
creatures, whose haloed heads have 
undergone resurgence, exists)

voice, fluttering the cavity of focusing ear.  
The dream now delusion had succinctly
described a becoming “envisioned.”


explains an artificial existence, 
a broken circle of pseudo explanations:
apparitions examining thoughts,
things, thinking did this occur before?

I found a broken mirror, broken into several
small samples of my dying surroundings. 
I held the broken mirror
against my dirty face:
my appearance was
without sin

(the brazen “one,” 
I heard his whisper’s continuity 
crawl the pipe of my rusty listening.  
A golden halo lied near fluttering shadows of 
magnificent angel

Vagabond’s Vision #12

rhinestone bracelet,
‘round the thinness
of a young girl’s 
right wrist.  

Her left wrist
bare as

The pause

stuck my stare
to blank wrist
was possibly,
bolded in
the reason 
this night, already
cause to buckle beneath

—I will exist
over the young
girl’s forgotten,   

Vagabond’s Vision #13

The embarrassment 
of my erupting 


wet face features
after donning


several onlookers 
point with ogling
dissecting eyes—

man made
mad made

Vagabond’s Vision #14

Reinventing movement and spatial continuity,
many streaking acrobatic avifauna invented
in tribute to scientific concept,
angular beams mirroring the myriad of
golden slants of introspective light
whose irreplaceable backdrop spread
evenly within the thin blue sheet which allowed a
multitude of created colors to shape
a porous hand; feathers fell forming circles of 
several silhouettes
around the shadow of my silent standing.
Alone in a relevant reflection,
I bathed within each tender splayed
feather, feeling far away from the normal filth 
of Sunday through Saturday normality.
Speculation from passerbies’ eyes spoke into the path
of immediate view and my innate specialized hearing. 

Away with and into the pockets of
the metaphorically deceased, I planted the stares,
the many whispers behind curtained hands
as I stood covered in wondrous
fallen, bequeathed feathers now 
hand woven into pure gifts from the 
flying and unheard from.

Vagabond’s Vision #15

Terrified by the sound landscapes of alleys,
their various voices of crude, callous and 
mortal mayhem, thieves peruse with bloodhound
dispositions, I, with an invisible numerical address
must adhere to the goings on, metaphorically and
literally turn my back to the 
systematic hierarchy put in place by those 
without conscience, or face the consequence
of being placed within the realm of psychological

Here the illiterate roam severed from safety.  
Many maligned, simply as atrocities beneath the
scope of popular culture’s iconic symbols of
tasteless endeavors, adhesion to the patterned thought process
of forgotten citizens living beneath the flawed umbrella of 

Vagabond’s Vision #16

The smoker was asked to perform elsewhere.
He with the gray-black twirling falling ash and
rising, elderly smoke crawling toward graying
clouds exhaling particular particles and offensive aroma
claiming lung capacity and capsule shaped blends
of oxygen sliding the pipes of moistened throats.        

The smoker refused.        
Infuriated, the obstinate asker asked again.        
Refusal appeared anew, leading to altercation between tongues,
between brandishing vernaculars of shouting expletives.  
Minutes later, moments after wrestling ideas between colliding 
coldly, the asker breathing heavily, within an act of odd
folding over, asked the smoker for a slender cigarette.

Vagabond’s Vision #17

and decomposing 
my metallic shadow,
warmth has gone
the long
and south-reaching
throat of summer’s
overrated metaphor.

Sitting askew alone
across horizon impersonation
of horizontal park 
beautifully dressed, garbed in perfume,
her voice placed into soil of my lonely ears “hello.”  
Gorgeous woman
with weaving locks 
of lemon shade.
She asked many questions 
of my current
mood and 
      and confessed her
brown eyes have for several 
days observed my many strides across
this park of vertical pines.  
We continued
movement of lips
the many
of pines’ prosperous 
the fascinating shapes
of crossing branches
carved atop paths of 
silhouettes petite dimness lying
quiescent along the nakedness of city park

Vagabond’s Vision #18

Listening to merriment
which lead to my own off 
balance laughter
the clasp of my lips
into an abstract portrait
of fluttering dragonflies’
unnamable angles.
An expensive, expansive
boat of elegantly dressed
do-gooders, danced and drank
beneath stretched out light
holding its pose high inside
the silver thread of Saturday night.
Wearing white trousers,
navy blue blazers, men
danced with wondrous women,
singing tones of naïve talent.
I, camouflaged by turned backs
continued to explore the assorted
and charming moments
of off-key dancing.  

Vagabond’s Vision #19

I believe escaped into bodily form,
from a vicious tongue,
a voice, if tangible, would resemble
sliding rain, and if rain, would have 
landed roughly atop the formation
of my rounded nose.  This voice-shape
sat cemented seemingly did
not want to erase itself from the tone
it left within the cave of my listening.
Hurried into psychotic circles,
into believing I needed psychotropic
        Happily, luckily
alone, I rammed my head heavily
into the rusty disposition of my memory
behind handmade curtains
made of discarded newspaper
with news of the many languages
of men and many missions to rediscover
forgotten epiphanies.  

Vagabond’s Vision #20

An extension from my dirty hands,
hands too frightened to hold blunders
dropped purposely, passionately atop dragging shadows 
of my walking body, extended from my hands, 
their hands, the reflections whose representations 
understand silence to speak vernacular of truth defined by 
folding itself within shapes of the smiling being.  
Understanding this prosperous language of impersonating
truth, of simplistic revelation deemed golden by the darkened
living inside obstructed paths.  All reflections, blank, spotted,
split centered through their curvaceous cranium: 
these retain remembrance for the catching eye,
for the hands of the pupils burn into the mirror
of gold spotted reflections, an intellectual image.  

Vagabond’s Vision #21

This morning of mischief,
sadness from secular former Fathers
sat together sipping espresso, alone
in front of a blaring, singing
large TV.  These songs were not part of
former isolation and planned devotion,
through humming
to a modern style of dedication,
between sips
of espresso,
sang distant from harmony
while onlookers passed them smiles
and an occasional
refill into porcelain 

Vagabond’s Vision #22

The white statue which stands 
a place for various birds to perch
sits centered inside the city’s belly.

Unknown names visit throwing
stained pennies into surrounding
splash of arching rising fountain.  

Watching I laugh at the dunce
act, the forward arm motion of
flinging pennies mirrors
the myriad of birds
who daily interact with desertion.

Standing silent above the circling water,
the many pennies resemble
dirty propositions
where wishes
into rising 

Vagabond’s Vision #23

Understanding the melancholy,
the melodramatic stances of those
pronouncing sadness to be esoteric, 
the faceless indeed have faces
in the faith of emotional dispositions.
A young boy garbed in isolated
paths of shooting tears, his reddened
face a plastic mask a mother cannot
recognize.  As I observe his crying,
a blackbird feeds the gray slime of
a slithering worm deep into the throat
of her young.  

Vagabond’s Vision #24

Relaxing beneath rose-colored
embroidered sky, empathetic to broken-
winged-left-to-submerge-beneath-normality blue jay.
Its chirp reminiscent of triangle of connecting concern,
I smiled prior to slowly and softly scooping its shivering royal
feathers.  Bathing in light blue jay,
lied still across my pallid palm in pain.
Against my chest and rhythmic intuition,
I continued to embrace the bawling bird while
the mentioning of ether transformed
our mind states into healing.

Vagabond’s Vision #25

Gorgeous in a standing still moment,
in the stylistic movement of
an hourglass's sliding sand
whose contours catch each miniscule
grain as in the touch of a mother's dying
touch, a vision seen by my brightest eyes
gradually as in gradation, mentioned
within the landscape grown horizontally
across the harshness of my mind.
The gorgeous description called
"garden of lush language"
represents many vines which wind willfully
around tongues of imagination,
unify and explore various tones of
unvisited voices.  These voices,
many with buried unheard
vocabulary, unleash with
overwhelming tangible ability,
put forth mind designs, designations,
separating shyness from my tongue's
ability to articulate "hello."

Vagabond’s Vision #26

The many mirrors of interpretations stand,
staring into my strange eyes.
These many mirrors take form of
ideological personas, personal agendas.

As usual, alone, facing the wind's
multi-colored music, layered in
blues interpreting greens,
shades of intellect share an interrupted
misguided view of reality.

These colors
along with interpretations
are from those who stare and conclude
with closing eyes, I alone in bankrupt attire
belong elsewhere, perhaps beneath an afterthought—
or next to the kin of an alley of vicious red mixed with
graffiti altered rust.

Vagabond’s Vision #27

Garbed in solitude,
I maintain brotherhood, a fondness,
a familial connection with aluminum,
which never flattens into pressed
reinvention, unless night,
its bouquet of blankets covers and
caresses, closes in on my opened eyes,
forces this aluminum—
my conjoined shadow to dissipate into
levitation, I become a true leviathan,
angry with evening, shouting windblown
fears into earth's unknown listening.

Vagabond’s Vision #28


I noticed a duo,
a young duo, dancing.

The dancing duo
did not notice
my eyes had wandered
into perched position
to engage in their 

Beneath a shower
of particular golden slanting
light, whose fingers skimmed
in a silent warmth, grazing the
surrounding pines, highlighting their
gnarled trunks, the watching and dangling
piercing cones.
He continued to twirl his girl
and she, a twirling blur
of smiling dance
a hummingbird
hovering atop
a blue flower.

Vagabond’s Vision #29

Soaked by sunlight, antithetical
to last night’s downpour of 
slanting, descending, silvery rain.
I prefer this day’s disposition, 
its rays of multilingual hands of
drying day long arduous work. 
Muttering toward myself
a language of content,
dragonfly swoops within
view to attract my eyes and 
obtain serenity’s circular shape
of illusion, interaction
with turquoise impression.   

Vagabond’s Vision #30

Prior to my wandering life, 
I traveled through myriad of ornamental
gatherings, wearing cloaks of misery
involving fooling those wearing horizontal
X-shaped ties, socializing with reprobates
who behind facetious smiles,
faces resembled broken façades.  
Today a bat wearing black and 
peculiar moments of wanting
to converse grazed the shoulder
of a naked moment.  
We braided thick and 
specialized glances before 
an on comer caused sudden disappearance,
death to our visual conversation.  
As the black flashing bat vanished,
night cloaked me with long
strands of light weight webs,
but this night did not involve

Vagabond’s Vision #31

Especially after sleeping,
my tremors remember to again
regain absence.  These tremors
many times appear without antecedent.  
When these tremors disappear I again am able to sit,
stand or lie still.  Walking through
my preferred park, pines fill the eyes
of my oscillating vision, the monochromatic
vertical stillness juxtaposed with
stray littered white rocks surrounding slender pine trunks
contrast the oily shade of pines’ svelte sprout.  
A young, green pinecone finds my right hand, recalling
my tremors, as in a late night fight
with the wind’s bullying shake,
the pinecone succumbs to overwhelm
falling to an unknown position and
eventually the unshaken devotion
of my right hand.

Vagabond’s Vision #32

As the adage whirls within
my anonymous mind states,
time falls, time wrapped around
invisible wrists of the strolling lost,
on this descriptive hand woven delusional day,
my ambidextrous shadow has molded itself
into an abstract rendition of a valuable hourglass,
the sand, my breath, exhaling a counselor
entwining fallen time with separated 
language of trusted, distinctive, sheltered harmony, 
glowing, flowing toward paths visually flourishing.

Vagabond’s Vision #33

Sitting beside silver splashes of animated memories.
Beneath favorite pines etching silence,
green and vertical montages 
varying in piercing height.  
Memories, memories
when held, heat offends my pale palms
causing constant slamming,
a succession of high-speed
deliberate murder of memories
deemed dangerous.
According to myth engraved across
Anonymous King’s tombstone,
“when a memory is deracinated,
psyche digs into grief,
into dissatisfied portion of manic persona,
shoveling all memories (minus delight)
atop position of intentional despair.”

Vagabond’s Vision #34

“The neck of that sleeping swan
resembled a leaning umbrella.”
—a passerby

Indeed, an immaculate
creature, beyond vernacular
of my tongue’s timid call,
sitting, slightly leaning
against invisible paneled
An absolute
of Autumn’s following 
of its many feathers and total
aquatic stillness. 
The route of its future 
and would render
me false prophet
to proclaim.  
leaped toward undulating bush,
imitating opposite
of imperturbable
sleeping swan.  

Vagabond’s Vision #35

The movement of minute and mammoth smiles 
swirls in circles, swaying
east and west around the atmosphere
of revolving time consuming
blinking breaths.  Authors

of these smiles, the flickering formulas
who slide sideways along predestined
pedestrian paved porcelain, their dispositions
donning wings of high pitched decorum.

Such correct behavior brought my own
face into a reflection 
of segregating lips,
mirroring those with wings 
I witnessed balancing
within silent air,

Vagabond’s Vision #36

Every other day, each occupational revelation
sun’s skipping rise,
bipolar, between sky’s inherited, authoritative
dance of day/night, this imaginative
example of desquamating reality
unfurls between an ocean of 
gold and gray.  

Antiquity rises in marigolds, maroon
from voluptuous flowered heads
voluminous features into heavy hands.

Thus far, by far, the vast connection
by unseen, surreal, likely beings,
belong inside planned
in the desquamated
skin of skipped

Vagabond’s Vision #37

myself and three slight circles 
collided coldly
carrying a collection of odd shapes,
not matching my mirror image
nor three circles suspended
suspiciously about my naked neck.

The found fastidiousness could not agree
nor find the fit of angular stimulation
needed to retrofit such apparent

Negotiations rose vis-à-vis 
comprehending the now bleeding neck 
removed from torn, circleless shapes
belonging to the being
of my street-wandering, cismontane 

Vagabond’s Vision #38

The perspective of my disgusted understanding,
bystanders enunciating hate, hate speech
specializing in pluralizing expletives against myriad
of momentary pining for irrational images, eroding
tongues of the dispirited narcissists.  Metaphors
from these habitual haters hung, erasing 
avant-garde morning’s calligraphic signature.
Behind the before they understood my presence,
I posed with subtle pleasure, purposely crumbling
into a scented vault of calendulas.  

Vagabond’s Vision #39

Sanctioned to sit in orange illumination,
branches bend, half-break,
bend back into opaque, ripened origami,
as blue birds in straight line
angular beams,
burst forth causing clash of 
opposing color wheel

Something sacred in munificent delegation,
facing brethren of swimming
sustenance, seesawing atop
wind given chalcedony.

Moments in which the wings
of awakened avifauna erupt,
amalgamation of vertical, vertigo
spin into a haywire of suspended

Vagabond’s Vision #40

Gilded not in gold
but pseudo manmade, made up
which expands

in such expensive reconstruction,
this invention dons golden medals
of victorious, conned creations.  

Away in reaching awry paths, megaphones,
mega-tones, vociferous beings
bear the language, hands,

the intellect to script manuscripts,
the intellect to trick inferior
knowledge, override those artists 
with yellow crayons,
whose gold has faded into mysterious

Vagabond’s Vision #41

A cloud form of stomping horses
my upward glimpse
and I 
an antique collection
of browned postal stamps.

nonverbal orchestra of leaping bizarreness: 
equine, equid, hinny, skinny representations
of offspring hybrids.  The radical documentations
floated high within mutilated cloud
formations, mind imaginations,

the greatest of mind control vacationed in green
pastures, wheat textures, deeply in deep south
separated schools of psychotomimetic thought. 

Vagabond’s Vision #42

The perception of preconceived philosophy,
resulted in over exposed head nodding, yakking
yes men, blinded by bewildering transparencies,
kissing hands of hierarchies, hugging henchmen
wearing doilies for dunce caps.  

The self-honored,
descriptive, dispositional duper, 
allowing affronted “team” to bathe
silver shining ring 
in prosperous saliva 
as team’s keenly kneeling,
now acclimated to opposite of ascension,
to rhythmic backstabbing,
rhyming back talking, 
teeming, contextual 

Vagabond’s Vision #43

What was believed, 
I saw racing in an image
hard shaped inside unknowable,
bowed, crowned tree branch.  
black birds, red birds, blue birds,
racing into release of invented,
unprinted hands
threw from,
(not a pseudo-release, as in discarded throw from untalented athlete)
quick-release, snapping rubber band finger,
flinging forward raw shapes of renewed 

A bell rang, trembled in its banging clang,
alleged to have unprinted hands against
its hanging rope, dangling
in fear from disappearance
disapproving demands
from cawing
fifteen colored birds.

Vagabond’s Vision #44

These moments of momentous wanderings,
cause such intense pleasures, forays
into organized freedom and prolonged
imagination.   Awakening hours and
improvised moods far from yesterday's
arrival, exemplifies this non-territorial
new nascence existence.

My prior life of wandering, following flaws.
Pencils adhered to pendulum of my mechanically
inclined hand.   The music of such boredom brought
death to musicians.  Daily rituals, rigorous deadlines,
tracing the equator halving lunch hours
spent educating zombies.

This morning, a bleached flower
unearthed by abandoned silver can,
claimed my attention for several seconds.
This life I desire. I need not contemplate,
debate, battle my conscious, imagine imaginary
angels atop shoulders of my slouching torso,
battling until blood reflects an image of

Vagabond’s Vision #45

My current, a tree fully blossomed
blocking ugliness of exanimate
professionally pallor unblushing
ugliness.  Tree of oak hybrid-
hugging hallucinatory discomfiture,
twin movements roughly revolving like
altercating hummingbirds.  Thinness
of air relaxes between
my comfortable space of allowed
creatures to comfort impersonations.  

Paper bag tone
leaves map their path, stepping down
folded hues of graying ambiance.  

Leaves’ veins held tightly wound
words regarding birth (bloom, this function
fed from shapes of C, blossoming phase
sprouting north, mirroring those 
of feathers).  

Wind’s motioning hand
turning metaphorical pages
describing leaves’ living, alive atop 
various bowing branches (colored by
splayed chlorophyll, nondescript aboriginal
attribute brought dreary days
throughout  lives of light, 
nights where owls
perched in particular poses awaiting

A self-inscribed elegy remained across an edge
of the largest leaf 
(on this day of death, destructive
dimension of closed door, green has subsided
into erased product of brown’s seniority.  
Holes from many hungry tracking bugs
resemble freckled spots across womens’
skin that picked flowers beneath us.  
Erased is valued vernacular of running
rampant children climbing the tree
of our rudiments, now the coughing crunch of 
aging broken bodies).

Vagabond’s Vision #46

Seeds of solitude dressed in
dark haired army-green moss of morning’s
darkness, these seeds of outcasts
from prior dangerous dangling
now found nearly dead in proprietary
companionship with drying grass.

Somehow in a somewhere defined
momentary color, near where
seeds have fallen, defined by dainty
dents dated far back before
my entering introduction.

Light slithering lightly southbound,
bound to ancient objet d'art, multitude of 
layered meaning, dancing liaisons hiding until 
darkness drives its need on heads of nails
deeply into the saddened soil
next to seeds of solitude whose 
heads hide, renegades harboring handfuls
of light, slightly within dents
of the myriad of fractures.  

Vagabond’s Vision #47

pinecone with thousand hands
discreet desolation.  

Desolate absence
bountiful in the 
opposite, pinecone
clenching obstinacy,
trait of habitual
clinging, pinecone
interesting examination
of isolation, stubborn
clinging symbolizes
penury, impoverished
hands upward, 

Vagabond’s Vision #48

Nonlinear influences had it up to
above craggy neck lines of breathing 
skill, the whereabouts that have west
-south mimicking migrating birds
like gathering golden-white geese,
long and everlasting “could
they?” the question an abstraction
in fluorescent juxtaposition with jive
vernacular of jazz musicians.
Clouds in a hovering vacuum 
exposing whiplash, 
bluish green whirling the neck
of unaware gold, the imagination of a dizzy 
turnaround turns saneness successful, 
a monster of two heads 
arguing a battle of refuted

Vagabond’s Vision #49

Nests have risen man-made from 
human-fascinated feathers (if so-on
exists, this arm-long day
extended by an arched,
over curving, so-on finger)
lights rest in baby forms
capsulated into
supreme, superior, 
superlative, etc.,
moving wildly within swaying,
boat-leaving flashing,
as in a new neon display,
birds too afraid to nest
within these ultra nests,
opulence of these August
creations, feathers form
stippled dust, sprinkling
the flying functions
of archaic arcade games.

Vagabond’s Vision #50

Near where miracles stand straight up,
uplifting loudly in their lyrical
calligraphy, colors dance 
in congregated tribunal distribution,
tribute non-deceived
nor mirage,
yes collage
mainly visual attributes
landing across streams
where cross-eyed fish walk 
by revolutionary devotion
to subconscious evolution.

Vagabond’s Vision #51

A specified error
in climatic change
water damages stilled by settled sun’s
reaching hands
which hold with high tech,
highest pitch to 
humanly possible
heard.  The shortest sitting down
ride brazen seahorses’
leaping fungi, 
with plenty left in a repertoire
regarding fancy letters
leftover atop spinning sand grains,
standing salt,
bloated, sumo wrestling orange fish.
A never before envisioned
forecasts as this specifically
the underworld
aquatic aspects in an allegorical
progression of captivating

Vagabond’s Vision #52

The gold of an unzipped arrival,
unblemished syntax
need not translate into forbidden,
foreseeable now,
such a psychic of last night’s
lightning, whose coughing
broadcasting foretold a false
remained within a closet collapsing
underneath cedar dust and particles
of particular danger.  Loudness
landed thundering between the gaunt-
guilt and bloody blade,
a cry for more, a cry because
disguise was unveiled after all echoes
had arrived.  

Vagabond’s Vision #53

Somewhat largest of the Unknown Immersions,
beyond knee deep into a catastrophic approach,
breathing becoming an encroachment upon
afterthought, dim, death near.  Massacre whose
self righteous shift glows in demonic realms of
damned floaters.

Vagabond’s Vision #54

Swamp dedicated to redirecting
eyes to new definition.  
Golden not traditional brown décor
bathing dispositional equals
of squealing creations
called “fatsos.”  

Here, negative never looming is existing.

accepts counterfeit monetary compensation, 
brazen and otherwise
of all personal beliefs welcome,
motherless, fatherless 
those whining
within a fear of becoming 

Swamp of new magnitude, measured 
by unwelcome population,
erased, dried by swift opening
toward welcoming every aspect of
tangible tomorrows.

Vagabond’s Vision #55

A bone of contention battles eye of metaphor and
realistic eye.  Through a standard peppermint
stained straw found near the sole of
my irreplaceable foot held at eye level,
imagination controls

"would a building sucked
fully holding shape stick holding
stiff solidly centered,
completely whole without fear,
within the body of my found-
by-foot straw?"

Recalling waves wound into circling
clings of blue rolling knots,
eventually flattening—
dying before exhaling a last
request to feed sand's
sprawling thirst.

Sitting facing a tall intact wall,
the bridge of a decent
thought across three other mind frames
runs toward trying to make
sense of the beforehand.

As I head toward this destination,
realization becomes my realistic eyesight,
a hollow hallway of curious wants.

Vagabond’s Vision #56

Experimental exhales
representing tentative existences,
translucent documentation
coiled inside left-handed lines of oxygenic gifts,
right-handed wind wrapped birds
flown quickly from fractured
west-facing windows.

Million eyes of minions opened,
following footsteps of blind-believing leader,
nocturnal neophytes, green personas
cascading legs of night's dramatic,
overbearing living.
Seemingly seamless dangling voices of
heart beating stutters,
softly in the surveillance of
beforehand, the experienced are never experimental,
tentative, rather preserve a casket called
stilled shadows, delineating protruding
lifelong lunar appendages,
forming secondary equations into
barely breathing takeaways.

Vagabond’s Vision #57

Lungs of the wheezing pine
have become an after jolt
before altered assumption,
under medicated, slowly
picture to flipping picture,
a postscript inside affirmation disguised
to fool the healed and healthy.
Fine hair like that of chinaware feathers
swirl, shaving copasetic 
shapes into branches’ robust physique
and swaying uneasy architecture.  
A borrowing lean hides in decline,
descent near graveled roads, not a definite
defeat unless pine becomes
a nevermore,
bending beneath
relentless squeeze
of Asthma’s facilitated torment.

Vagabond’s Vision #58

Reflex of moon's southern slant
caught eye of northern most leaf,
nearest and highest among brightest colored eyes
Blinking in synchronized diversity
with thousands of fantasies proved factual realizations
unneeded by monetary offerings, gift-giving hands
thwarting imaginations.  Chasing invisible currents
whose mimic of wave negotiations end where
sand declares one-sided winner.
Night wanderers relegated to watching simulated reality,
broke into half absorbed shapes named
hallucinatory images.
Vagabond’s Vision #59

A language of difficult endings, belonging
below an undulating field of wind bashing
beginnings, symptoms of the gone long ago
before hush was the vertical finger
whose feel symbolized discreet metaphorical
quietness, hanging among quiet and crooked
branches designed to feed mans' deliberate need
to forget hunger.

To allow is to enter, spin within exit,
return, develop into diverse examples of existence,
a nevermore or before, hiding high above aquatic
shadows, sadly remorse ailing causing avalanche,
encompassing all breathing thoroughly, circle entirety
inside a zero of interpretative meaning.

Vagabond’s Vision #60

The crooked slant of organic light crowning outward,
ongoing motions, a cyclone of spinning epiphanies
echoes the repositioning bounce of plain form salutations,
elevating gesticulations, nonverbal realities colored by hands
saluting flags formally underlined,
coded in ancient history.

A body has bleached beyond tones of understanding.
In its vacancy, a tangible voice
marked by caresses, controlled with erased hands
a compassionate blend of inward possessions,
sentences control flowing blood of
remaining alive—an afterward succumbed
to the sharpened axe of delineation of
reattaching rebirth.

Vagabond’s Vision #61

Chronological anthology of opposite eyesight,
misbelieving toward a specified truth.
Sky saluted benevolence.
There returned inward, maintaining hand-formed
formations, the indocile created molds into mere
crawls through pin holes exiting larger than it had

Blue wild birds streaked into visual metaphoric absence,
clinging into a furthermore attempt of an otherwise, 
a contextual habitat to release purity in a death spewing spiral.

Vagabond's Vision #62

The door of rebellion pushes
an equation of positive force,
a never negative subtraction of 
superficial relationship between
here and shipped away future,
a fathom of a dream left inside decomposing
disposition, crying into shadows of 
reflective echoes, light years from eclipsing
a left behind notion of becoming an again.
Abstraction overheard a surreal voice 
speaking in tongues through a vast space
a vernacular of newness,
spatial conquests, deaths in gravity
pulled left of escalating awkwardly.
Simultaneous extensions, light from light
to experimental landings—
circled amongst catastrophes bending,
arriving atop legs of broken, barely breathing contours.

Vagabond’s Vision #63

What was worth opening, dilution overthrew that notion,
negated with overlapping inundation a plastic
diaphanous concoction with superfluous threads,
which dangled virtually visual as
dogs wagging tails.
An engulfing segment of colorful cataract, blue entwined with green,
uplifting spiraling sounds, cawing crows.
Small danger, dangling stilettos, breathing rushed in light,
radiating within white lungs of cocooning clouds.
Recognizing shapes, reverberation,
back flipping addictions to remembering past methods,
forays into memory erected mind rooms,
threading blankets of room warming recollections.

Vagabond’s Vision #64

The tongue of split centered its face forward,
eyes higher than obvious appearance became matinee,
moments beyond landed articulation.
Three bluebirds multiplied mid-flight,
spun into divided families of negotiations,
fell with feathers expressing delirious
word-movements sculpting frantic
illuminations toward hourglasses of neon
granulations gradating among glassy levels,
triangular points formed to fit highest where
equations of multiple birds speculate existence,
fed on sautéed renditions of graying worms,
congregating among silent, various visions. 

Vagabond’s Vision #65

The slight color of whimsy, discolor of affricated speech
sped forth into a day long path toward new birth, 
simultaneous convictions of
Many bypass on speeding sharp views of shooting thorns.
Certain aspects range from wide moons,
ovals akin to broken boomerangs
flung from disregarded
ambition of forgotten directions—
other voices encourage entourages
follow females with hollow hearts, 
heavy gold-toothed halos.
The reminiscing, heads hang
taunting gravity's taught tug
on memory's puppet's
pull-me-down—long before the subsequent occurs,
many men shall elope with the found inside simultaneous

Vagabond’s Vision #66

Strings of letters
forming liberties
of familial alphabets
syntax interrelated meaning
defining myriad mirrors


           gaze concealed within fragrance
below a listening idiom
by tracing touch

whose contoured lines wear
  coronas colored in odd tones

tones worth audacity assortment

silhouettes, devotion adhering toward

horizontal niches creviced 
garbed in complete comprehension.

Announced forgotten
returned fabricated
masked hallucinogenic transitions

into a time named “memory”
singular translucence appears
to blame, forming a broken neighbor,
a face minus letters
missing features of reversal.

Vagabond’s Vision #67

A silent fire resumes elsewhere, 
celebrating separation,
finger blaming tangents 
foreseeing heirlooms, 
golden rings magnified meant as brass bracelets
torn from tufted pockets,
tightly packed,
memories of musical flies.

Released against sheeted screens,
against hallmark explanations,
colors transgress involving
many cadavers, deliberately inflicting
open wounds, sour sounds,
threaded opposite sideways
turning vertical hushing strums
into delicate violinist’s desire,
bequeathing momentary
evaporation of exotic tonal

Smoke deceased, decreasing scenery,
substituting malfunctioning 
intricate beliefs with high intensity
complex theories.

Hitherto has remained an untainted version 
of translated instruments.

Vagabond’s Vision #68

Trust in diligence enhances proclamation.
Dance disguised, masks immobilized
by the misguided hands of alter-egos,
relatable portions regarding
scarred feet, sacred nuances engulfing larger
definitions augmenting drudgery’s desire,
empathy rewired into a specific patois,
canary squealed expressions.
Pacified, as in a backfired muffle, melody composed
of muted, cultivated cruelty,
underwent removal, constituting diligence
exhaled proclamation, referencing
voice-targets under multi-sequenced siege.

Vagabond’s Vision #69

Decomposing aftermath realizing voices whisper,
intelligent culmination designing designated harps,
suggesting golden glow among the people,
glorifying dance above whistling dimness,
counting serenading rhythms,
showering praise atop the crowd.

Five pleasures beyond recognizable attributes,
carved semblance relating momentary
deliverance devoting displaced pleasure
possibly later depleted.

A fasting forgotten bathes in dust,
twirling in prosthetic light
regaining motion, remembering 
human memories
hung evenly among uneven
peripheral events.

The missing, the pre-decomposing hush,
prior to evaporating sagas,
movements strung across air invented thread,
torrent miracles, concrete, steps,
demarcate rooms’ perception.

Vagabond’s Vision #70

Comatose seashells, sapphire demeanor,
discoloration transpired,
sun once, equiangular glances
against rusted gazes
meant for south looking algebraic
faces with gouged eyes glaring
at overlapping, external limbs,
lending abstract obscurity concerning
extraordinary hidden code of artifacts.
Wind's vernacular spoke of series
of tumultuous anti-tributes,
sand's back walking showed symptoms,
sickness, rounded stomachs
containing immobilizing

What's broken amid separated
paths of wind's splayed message,
a faraway premise, green tower
housing millions of vibrant seashells,
versus a habitat of chaotic throwbacks,
the unwanted habits, chaotic beyond
familial resemblance.

Vagabond’s Vision #71

Celebrated silence donned antiquated prophecies—
whose hiding behind falsified modernisms
revealed delicate remnants of circling reoccurrences.
Debating veils degrading many in between slumping
shoulders, shaved heads shaped in formations triggered

Desire sans action equates to popular culture,
cleansing sutured syllables atop silenced dreams
remaining aligned with sustaining benevolent concomitants.

Vagabond’s Vision #72

Blue streaking birds raced, inward bound,
synchronized effort,
running wings arc-molding backs
impersonated eyes with straining squints
whose attaching legs

Coordinated aches
rose in cramping detriments,
among the spiritual avalanche
allowing spirals to abandon space—
every other alive attribute with breathing capability
wore gravity of thrill seeking fibers
passing through needle holes of obsolete dimensions.

The forward moving day ended
signing a calligraphically
unnamable sketch next to abandoned
sawed-in-fractions, breathless,
elevated canoe.

Vagabond’s Vision #73

An interesting portfolio unfolded,
assortment of visual folds fashioned from 
antediluvian animate wrinkles,
designed to engage one interested
in mysterious hands who pleated
analogous pages underneath wedges
of unseen personal preferences.

Varieties outlined stimulation
in contoured degrees, imitating oscillation of absence,
revisiting smiles, congregating wings
erasing light across north-spreading eyes, 
each opening presented unclenching fists
vanishing layered contours of contemporary  caricatures.

Vagabond’s Vision #74

Abstract preconception, lost otherwise 
to well known thinkers,
set across teeming tables of desolation,
heard by screams scraped off by the alone,
a poet of himself scribbling metaphors
of four vowels describing forests maintaining 
distance, never restoring a mother’s melancholy root.

Tears overcoming well advanced in advance trembled
before landing, tricking minuscule eyes, 
trying to focus on unabridged deceptions
without truncation.

Poet’s sadness was appropriate,
genuine, for the poet’s mother
organically in original dance finale
threw son from highest branch,
and he balanced mid-toss, documenting
morbid desolation in stanza sketches,
landing allegedly away from preconceived

Vagabond’s Vision #75

A free falling follower unafraid of being followed, 
followed drinking unobstructed many,
steps toward forward destination.

Follower fell, regained unbalanced balance, 
began again following
hurried message within
chemically conversing brain.

Follower flew atop free flowing
horizontal concrete, navigating flowers
high above normal finger touching halt, 
dedicated to following with fingers
petals of irreversible return.

Vagabond’s Vision #76

Of all the circular collisions
hiding in visual step asides
collecting particles of pale
penchants for dust inheritance,
the give back and take nothing 
mirrors visual collective,
collected by superstitious hands
connected by wandering celestial
have nothings.  

Soon was opened into splashing
sections.  Of then how the altered
speech spoke: eyes, many interwoven,
conducted lashing, musical lashing,
lashing music across dusky blinking.


the conduit to which anatomy birthed 
colliding stares.

Vagabond’s Vision #77

Cleanliness displays relief its doppelganger
remains a clandestine
falling farer 

True, the swiping big swing jumping spring
cannot conclude sans signature: 

elevated relevance
elite advance 
arguing toward

Singular purpose hung surprising low,
writing prepaid answers
where illiterate languages
bathed backwards
reading numbers,
exhaled by wind’s

Vagabond’s Vision #78

Infinite coloration
unusual delineation unused focal space corresponding
toward a naming of important disposition.
Spinning through existential circles 
drawing slow drags across metaphysical poster boards.

Late, bodies blur vertical/horizontal-wake/sleep
as in flowers holding their sculptured physiques still outside the mouth of wind’s 
binging breath.  

Night lacks coloration—
uneven balance  humdrum gray sells bankrupt boxes without profit.

Day mutates shedding color gradation gold
green blue becoming variations of former 
nonexistent tools of forested land.

Landing among newness:

morphing alternatives 
to surrealistic nuances.

Vagabond's Vision #79

Weaponry lost in flaming miscalculations.
Tongue-weapon, an of-course, 
teasing from miscreant toward
intellectual obese awaiting.
Tides of conversations teetered unevenly,
smeared fog across malfunctioning seesaws
nearer never than from close at hand had miniscule
chance to compose simultaneous victor.

Neither underwent prior nor post depression,
miscreant leaped toward mischievous metaphor, 
delegating earnings, monetary delusions,
escaping into bladed room of ambidextrous

Vagabond's Vision #80

The concept of parting waters, 
dangling flesh: shallow spines interact
amongst buoyant light pacing among fingers
reaching tips of splaying feathers,
revolving parted ways whose complete shadows
show conjoined continuity,
abstract living beings:

twilight, land, fire, water,        
sequence explains birth’s subsequent existence 
becomes a reflective mirage which sways
in the rising ensuing.  

Vagabond's Vision #81 

Ribbons manifested into vomit from pocket of mundane
magician, waving invisible wand,
brandishing non-thought provoking brain movements,
somewhat sadistically at pedestrians 
crossing crowded corners caressing cellular phones
perched on linear attention spans,
located away from and next to circular
spasms causing muscular anger

in multiple ways attracting dots,
connecting a popular culture 
characterized by spontaneous    
multiple diversions.

Ignoramus white gloved hands
expecting soothing admiration
for clichés, lies naked 
among the moving wind and naked
stares who with vision toward elsewhere
skip shadows, and the underfed rabbit
elevating blandly atop thrift store fedora.

Vagabond’s Vision #82

Pleasure gauged its temperature high,
untouched.  Fire’s fury, rage located, roaring
Rebel, spinning against originals unlike others
looking towards him.  

middle, stomach hurls vulgarity, revealing
pulsing odes to discourse with displeasure.  
Rhythm exposed dramatic unmusical tangents
scraping the unearthed positions/pulls
parallel to sacramental voices
calling from high among the interior
unheard, listening to scribbling positions 
atop blanketed scrolls.

Vagabond’s Vision #83

Microphones obliterated silence,
also, the meaning of whispers having to surprise
through large active, activated speakers,
splurged with content of the laughing matter.
Octaves climbed vocal ladders arranging facets
of face-features and body-animals,
along wooden arcing woolen procedures,
meant as obstacles, ending as happy mistakes
listening to loudness.

Glorified wings resembling rooftops of exultant homes
overheard terms of overwhelming endearments,
reaching and embracing movements attached to exalted

Vagabond’s Vision #84

Trumpets bloomed tightly, wound lips

embouchure smooth as almost dead, speechless lakes.
Nothing more than shapes which in a mimic of a picture
magical reflection crossing the cultural edge
of a winding zigzag note, rising in remembrance
like pipe smoke singing twirling in tones of surrealists',
resembling phony pathos toward a crying mother
of a baby born beneath brimstone.

Vagabond's Vision #85

Runaways sustain sanity
only if their absent minds
escape into attendance,
attached to whirls of meandering
mind altering designations,
where crawling voices
acknowledge atrophy, their mischief
ignorant to large landfills of symbols combed
of inviolability, erasable misery.

In a profound mistake,
only if understood as such,
which rarely an animal pounces
from depths discovered, wandering distances,
long strides becoming breakable
aspects of created diversions.

Vagabond’s Vision #86

Translation omitted as tongues united

preceded by salutations dishonorable attempts
assaultive behavior brainwashed she
blond wig
attempt of foolish
stealing eyes
of male enhanced as
gentleman concealed gigolo.

Gone away he
as well within yanking twist of wind’s
forearms’ twirl
taupe toupee
symbol of masculine diversity’s
prevalent hiding she persuaded
by “sweet” attempt to discard
fading toward an aging education
leapt into faux forward ambition
semblances of human hair and
attempting occasional mea culpa.

Vagabond's Vision #87

Modest moments
akin to almost nothingness,
pursuing an escape from cluttered attributes,
attributed to over-the-edge
pushing of saddening
Escape requires relinquishing desire.

the more elaborate retain closure.
A gifted hand
spun coloristic yarn into gifts
bequeathing symphony atop
doorstep's hardened hand.

A boy ran smiling
across lengths of rhythmic flowing air,
allowing panoramic views
birds from elevated vantage points
organic reasons to caw chamomile
sounds in celebrated versions of
unclenching sadness.

Vagabond’s Vision #88

Mirrors, many in the scenery of multi-layered mirages,
allusions: organizations arranged in illegible personalities,
famously incomprehensible, deranged psychotic misguided
formulations, everywhere, many over examined in the
au courant fashion, children with hurried views,
passionate thoughts toward viewpoints of 
colorful wanting to be elsewhere attributes, 
scatter inside themselves, sadly silently searching.
Portions of patterned entirety fit malfunctioning puzzles—
unidentified education!

Vagabond’s Vision #89

A modern painting full of myriad brush motions,
thick sweeps of blues, greens and golds where interpretation 
gallops minds as in theory and concept in philosophy’s vast
history, this friendless painting left scattered, wingless
without thought, though Aristotle would have appointed
it a soul if it were alive: a painting soul.

Among green grass voices of passersby 
substituted “painting” for “trash” and
defending wind sliced reflective meaning 
of worthless waste carrying the foul voices 
through windows of the nearby ancient cemetery.  

Vagabond’s Vision #90

Lands rich in more to come, habitual landscapes inundated with
vertical surprises whose increase over portions of
past years display in splayed forays of directional 
breaths of allusions to beatification—
hide in horizon’s animated colorful movements where the beautiful
never tires of explanation.  
Wild and windy nights reside within
an appointed predestined destination, not simply overcome
outsiders welcomed by eclectic tastes,
full throttle attributes forwarding beyond leaning of trees that sway
westward while blanketed air levitates, leaves of lost identity
idolize stabilized longevity.  

Vagabond’s Vision #91

More soft than interpreted as let go,
words from sculpted tongues
(interestingly soft,
for “sculpted” demonstrates hard edges
and when thrown
sticks into patterned dialects of aged, 
 ringed wood)

interact with divided silence
forecasting elegance
to settle where wanderers become

Simply understood
when mouthed aloud:

“silence, when shouted into nothingness,
becomes echoes 
to the moving toward introspection.”

Vagabond’s Vision #92

Music since serenity—land-still lakes 
(smoke fumes twirled in dancing dialect)
evaporated, uprising, not in terms of furious flame

as riotous!-turmoil eyes gaze knife brandishing—
more in figures of below symmetrical stillness
pianos planted from mighty hands
whose keys tremble beneath fingers
give praise in many shades
combined organic tributes to temptation.

Spotted frogs 

numerous in gathering dances  
spoke tongues together toward high pitch alliteration

spelling enjoyment
across green toned lily pads singing

where piano keys appreciate tonality.  

Vagabond’s Vision #93

Something colorful came from bland, expanded
simplistic journey, birthed before perhaps years, 
multiple flowing seconds or
unnamable flashes prior to speaking tongues’
definite definition of this dreary occurrence.

The colorful pluralized, 
birds’ full-fledged dominance of harmony—
parakeets, pigeons, parrots, bluebirds, redbirds, blackbirds,
smiling curves arcing where absence deceased among 
cloud shapes burying monotony.

Reality traced with invisible finger an ability
to fathom fortune, flying where the bland without vision
misinterprets mysterious motions. 

Vagabond’s Vision #94

Questions leaped from circles of wandering answers,
myriad motions, many synthetic insincere,
more manipulated addicts spoke hurricane idioms
causing rampaging relentless shifting—
numerous arrived donning faces
fashioned from fear.
Density seared nonsense directly derived 
from direct conflict, meaning flame   
meeting oceanic dispositions colliding 
through force and 
inside multiplying specks of layered dust.

Vagabond’s Vision #95

Undiscovered belongings, unstudied root words,
prolonged agony, the sly slant of italicized branches
ornamented in light mirroring reconstructive belonging,
en route miracles relevant among savants
glorifying architectural textured benevolence,
sand in the eyes of blind-believing
sycophants acknowledging ledges
of invisible bolded gold.

"Who then?" walking backwards
a soothsayer, groping a moment
colder than eloping teens
announcing boredom,
promising undetected vows 
and what the ensuing promises to
slide inside specialized silence.  

Vagabond’s Vision #96

So many interactions.  
Voice aloft, treading sequential
clockwise communication, 
child within an illusive
predetermined tantrum,
pole vaulting wants and interlocking 
visualization with maternal instincts to
bond and become the required source of
slowing into calm.

Vagabond’s Vision #97

Umbrella, an unexpected cane,
theory, concept, he walking merchant
carrying interpretative movements,
shallow, characterized by pinstriped
attire, wool crafted fedora

perhaps (deal breaker probably) imported

supporting brilliance, barricading
folly, away elsewhere

buried beneath borrowed time,
around wiry wrists of affable aristocrats
fathoming a distance where eloquence
is status quo.

Rain began, cane rearranged
reason to live, umbrella full bloom
blocking the soaking laugh
of deluging increments.

Vagabond’s Vision #98

Out of the ordinary reconstruction, 
mind meandered, marched into recollection,
collected as caressed antique cars,
thoughts of getaways claimed
futuristic wants into walking into 
local landmarks: 

last chapters of waves ending
at ankles of childhood feet whose free spirits
buried with path making mentality crashed across
castles of hand assembled sand.

Symphonic jolts covered in beautifully
Preserved melodic patina
patented by imagination’s tongue lashing hand.

Groups of smooth blue-silver gilled fish
assembled, noted colors of turquoise tangled waves
shifting, molding hard copies of further forgotten memories,
childhood splashes, waves from congested air erupted, cold
nights camping under canvas sky thickened
with representational propulsory inventiveness.  

Vagabond’s Vision #99

The severed scampered, laissez-faire view whose
diligence maintained discipline; she whirled in beautiful spirals,
tableau of mesmerizing magnificence,
created culture, donning a dark blue dress 
called doctrine of “careful distinction.”

She unmasked this munificence 
included layered displays of hand coated makeup  
making her appear naturally naked,
severed from a society braided by 
furious fingers entwining energetic pseudo
explanations, describing definitions
of mirrored magazine subscriptions,
glossy 8 x 10 versions of 
women who after photo ops 
weep into prepared pillows, leaving drooling mascara, 
the alone remnants of insecure cloaking.  

Vagabond’s Vision #100

Within human throats,
sliding gurgles 
whose mutters impersonate
the curving end motions
of faded life into soil,
far beneath being able 
to burgeon again, echoes
have begun to taper into 
sawed-off diminishing 

Vagabond’s Vision #101

Sensitivities of vibrating dominoes,
their humorous before-falling
tricking gullible eyes,
pulled in by invisible
fishing wire, funnier still, as children
become engulfed by the addictive daily
additive named “laughter.”
Almost psychotic slowed the motive, 
tremors released believable breathing, 
alive swaying in dangling dance.  
Why? quivered in balancing perfection, 
peaking ever high enough to damage dreams, 
failing dreams of falling dotted faces.
Stated clearly kids could not wait
kicking dominoes down Barriers Bridge
creating chaos crosswise on tiled floors
adult mirth sprung against
magnitude of muscular resetting
epithetic “dumb” dominoes.

Vagabond’s Vision #102

Conservator of mishaps
mother of such mistakes
untouched by child-blurred 
beatings, relegated to padded
portions of hollow sunless
societies which with
pleasure spit with security
insecurities at fathead face
mocked by chilled children
and their malicious mothers.

Wound by weird medications
wounds misinterpretations
misguided advice from mal-adaptive
misinforming around mealtime
sleeping among
high-strung squirrels would be the avant-garde 
lifestyle appropriate
for his future to 

Vagabond’s Vision #103

Night of translations 
between circles
semi’s and continuity’s hour, 
top and half
including moon, her 
entirety shown in naked glances, 
yes naked yes
which unblemished dust
millions of glances ago
gone, waiting, dust to swallow 
within hands of blooming vases.

Vertical attractions, 
haze, pines, oaks, pigeons rising
a promising premise
feeding on half-human-touched
left atop concrete-leftovers

crumbs from grazed over wheat particles
persons marveled
alone, some grouped-in 
marveled at montages of absoluteness:
unrecorded overdone
reality productions
who proceed to overwhelm
mundane popular culture.

Vagabond’s Vision #104

Climbing spontaneity, air intimately,
so vivid combing consciousness.
There higher, higher there words unfurl
yarn-smooth decades of competent completion.
Echoes fold without fondle by eye-fingers
immediately buttoned behind stepped over borders.
                                       Pulses ride
beating horses
nostrils flared, steam expands
collating into rhythmic outlines.  Rider pseudo-tired,
tires not when knotted hands unfold
merriment beneath this winter's snowy
hat, crooked weather false prophets predict
pure white, indeed not!—rain ran off remnants
of white trekking trails toward a tomorrow
of never seen behind blue-dotted blindfolds.

Vagabond’s Vision #105

Monetary invention momentary infatuation
raking across the pausing mind her facial features.
Diligent arranging cliché floral arrangement
he baptized organized feelings sweat
alone among swarming serial walkers posture
perfectly leaning on cue with watch up to the minute
checking toward clean shaven face.  Shadow 
shifts with shifting time slanting while recognizable
occurrence occurred stood up schmuck
head tilted southbound apparent silence volume deafening.

Vagabond’s Vision #106

Water of devotion left wetting 
effort’s weakest basis.  Saddened
rain in calendar sequence stacks
atop itself expanding into puddle

or then wetness dries rubbed by circular
sideways searing hands.  It all matters
all circumstances.  Created versions of
remains alone after evaporation
erodes timetables to multiply torrential

Vagabond’s Vision #107

The forgettable not exactly that,
embraceable memory lingered,
written around forehead of index
card or finger of right hand, most
dominant hand.  Air crisp, breakable
as toast, most are covering spending
unthinkable monetary amounts,
buffoons, budgets sliced 
circle outside windows unmatched 
serenading snowflakes.  
Vagabond’s Vision #108

Callous crossways grass
light, low mostly crawling
grass brown, dead in the idiom
of gardening.  Rain maintaining
distance, far in the expanse
terminology.  Talking feet donate
shedding skin atop barriers of browning
topography, lengthening more into
shoving passed language
of travels, even along paths
of the for-now living.

Vagabond’s Vision #109

A leaf which fell
documenting alive-once
so perfectly
swaying percussionist’s
echoing vibration
one-handed solo
yet slowly
for which an encore
not needed might an apparition
guide the stringless kite
with fading veins
bug-eaten circlesquare shapes
across the body of its once silently
perfect diamond appearance.  Landed
it did, faded by wind’s organic
huff away near a burgundy barn
where disappearance shaved its
last and thickest beard.

Vagabond’s Vision #110

Romance culled sitting crowds
standing room only lovers
leaning on men women
shaped in gathering letters;

from above formed non-fiction
long novels mating ritualistic carvings
of à la mode dealings 

naked undomesticated creatures 
unafraid reflecting nakedness
grouped in orgies among deadened
scented dented groups of wilted

Vagabond’s Vision #111

Ancient rising dying to be high ample heed,
shallow graves some walk within unaware
air inhaled killing surrounded
man-made some deem current culture
argumentative jousters circulate on highest hills
we pay to understand bloviating mannerisms 
sometimes stuck to suck-saying lips
tangled maxims relocate themselves
in the psyche of the uneducated 
dumb diligence follow with leading foreheads
rear-end like rhinoceroses the intelligent
non-idiosyncrasies wearing armor 
of the enlightened.  

Vagabond’s Vision #112

Man dangled in circumstance(s) arranged breath
day onward march or walk 
any a verb of movement

surrounded by beauty: people garden sprinkling fountain
of meaning for wishers once attached to pocket-protected

Man earthed right palm and attachments
into chino pocket
the dingy creation from former
dirty registers’ separated hands’.

Flipped up circular monetary meaning
placed wish atop acrobatic piece of twirling
landing among a beneath landscape of long ago

Vagabond's Vision #113

Obtaining knowledge of lexis
sitting atop angled side
language rolled tightly,
on ledge scrolled written circa 
foreordained birth of breathing massacres.

Scroll unrolled donning wings,
many missions with well wishing voices,
upon man or mischievous one finding
rice paper outlined in opaque golden
frame, featuring foreign formatted themes
of observing the ordinary in the living
thing, and in the thing breaths
bathe in high vision fortune voices
of virtuous pen still vibrating calling
attention from the providential
exceedingly or standing still.

Vagabond's Vision #114

Evening in the highest caliber,
flocking stars tranquil in the pausing grandeur,
cars lullaby-zoom equating to
whispers to the passersby
truncating visual delusion,
spontaneous vision to the either
version of both sides of an oscillating head.

Man, tall, slanting partially,
shadow dedicated to mimicking his mile manner
dispositional pause, clutch of bagged bread and
dragging of long overlapping
strides of a man his serious size.

Above the vernacular of myriad milieu,
dragonflies fluorescently become devout freedom,
in tranquil drawn in/out material create turquoise visual halos,
highlighting physical glides of man's going home motions.

Vagabond’s Vision #115

The abandoned created refuge
though rained on, refuge pseudo,
manmade imitation, secure enough
to create imagination, metaphor for life saving
ability, stability in the defining "last breath"
cliché, abridged completion among songs of divine
sustenance, isolation.  Unprolific rounded
to the squared-off point of just enough
—reasons of abandoning covered behind
neurotic juxtaposition with dying values.

Vagabond’s Vision #116

When moments relocate
to space outside of instant
glass conception viewed interior by onlookers ogling spit-washing
blur of sleeve-using washing, 
those inside span ages [crawl to disregarded] halos spin
unstoppable highlighting garish
    yen for attributes to birth
unto regard for all living.

Vagabond’s Vision #117

Of the translated, (food) speaks the vernacular m o s t
spoken from and landed upon 
cultivated tongues,
well met metaphors
never struggle to undisguised 
past tense flavors, future
or meal time now
surrounding children sliding gratitude
atop sweat of mothers’ cooking palms.

Vagabond’s Vision #118

Ghostly seagull took in a quick ascent off,
floating partial existence gliding another,
wind held its entirety, huge in the hand
of giant Dusk toward the intention of something else, 
away, SE, a sail appeared, vertical feather from 
unnamable brand of breathless creature,
undulating atop waves of turquoise acrobatics.

From the pier, merciful understanding,
below cries from sea lions, hunger caused descending
stares at hands empty: mine
clapped to drown-out in ambiance of water
cries of the swimming unfed.

Vagabond’s Vision #119

Words created allusions
forming formations
unusual symbolic series of interconnecting
syntax, many especially singular as in “a” “I”
lingered on single philosophy breaking
attention spans
egocentric political correctness 
invaded personal spaces
and they serenaded limbs of their broken
disregard for following focus alone.

Vagabond’s Vision #120

Infrequent the father-son embrace
fact into a slouching eye down gaze,
his bloody boy 
cumbersome verbalized
thorns tongue thrown.  

Crowd of crown wearing

women collapsed atop abusive albatross 
donning handlebar
moved in to delineate safety
whose intercepting leader
mother of the far off heard

Vagabond’s Vision #121

Noon was watered down
usually high of course cliché
stretched neck double handed 
face of every clock creates
gleam with authoritative synchronicity

today’s fog coupled with
spread out gloomy sheet of misted sprinkle
outwitted light’s heated dominance

where every glorious tip of my favorite
were created elsewhere within
perched housing illusionary higher worlds.

Vagabond’s Vision #122

Open awake now eyes gathered seeds
dancing with weaving
artisan monarch butterfly
her mosaic species so much toward
the beauty of my never found before
the glide of shaping imaginary steps
which take eyes up into attics
inundated with crisscrossing light antithetical
to the human built attics
housing typical darkness
mourning moldy scented
treasures left unto arguing
siblings gauging life by monetary
rather than
the dance of monarch
arranging gifts for organized retrieval 
methodical avalanche of musical articulation.  

Vagabond’s Vision #123

The singing of silence wonderful 
snow flavored swan sat
alone, contoured resting beautifully
eye mine met none
for hers closed within the palm
of devotion to sleep 
dreamt I wondered if she 
enclosed an answer inside
the question mark 
of her resting neck 
“tranquility, do I encompass?”--
stares of my straight forward
eyes caught gust of wind’s quick
exhale, awoke briefly her nap
and she gazed toward my feeling
which then adhered to my emotions
“let me be!”

Vagabond’s Vision #124

Her grandeur was not a certainly
a bouquet of apologies
stack of gift cards
reminding recipients
to overload on unneeded 
her grandeur unorthodox:

a leaping forward into plaid, head of blue
orange t-shirt expressing images
similar to
that of abstract cyclonic overdosing—
“normality” existed in denim
streaming into bright red

Pallid skin highlighted already hefty
choices in curious colors.    

Her grandeur, visionary enough 
for my eyes
to gaze-burn her path,
festoon colors
interesting conversation
my mind-tongue
subsequently spoke
with patterns
aloud to a bland pigeon
who landed pecking
a speck of wheat before
vanishing into vacant

Vagabond’s Vision #125

Vertiginous voice from mangled man screaming, 
kneeling keenly professionally,
most indeed indicative a stance of 
prior visiting position, 
instantly recognized as praying perhaps or
unbuttoning a wish maybe, 
realizing a shouldn’t have possibly,
centered he was dressed in curious gazes
passed out by passersby freely
from charitable visible walk-a-ways,
yet, while doing so their eyes, as if adhered to the 
praying, wishing or realizing man,
doing so centered in the un-cluttering 
aspect of Main Street’s thinning evacuation,
they healed the voice into a crawling fade,
a fade as in light into the dusk that fastens
day’s squint into complete closure.

Vagabond’s Vision #126

They—possibly pre-teenagers smeared themselves
across and
stomped into lustrously 
hand-carefully created
with loud screaming feet
obnoxious vulgar yanking hands and
themed wishes to destroy burgeoning
                            crying from behind
kitchen window,
her unattended
mornings’ devotion
destroyed fortune misplaced
beneath feet of youngish  
razor toothed discolored 
non compos mentis. 

Vagabond’s Vision #127

The surveillance of repeat never ceases.

Circle converts into square housing the mind
of affecting itself; affection into memories
a padded room
softly a place to rest and

hold a hand of recollection.
“Here” enunciates a gift-greeting-spice-of-reassurance.
Wandering wandering wandering
the waterfall of such a metaphor the explanation 
of this stylistic series stepping atop my same-size

shadow, the fall never reads the yellow-black symbolic 
stop ending of something dead.

This is good.  The wanderer obtains license
renew without retest or original test 
becoming landscape upon eyes before brandishing
pencil to dislocate reality from the focus of  unneeded


Vagabond’s Vision #128

Full-body gestures
oaks swaying hardily 
in blizzard-strength wind
protected-I beneath covered concrete
see-through prayer.

Then, rain. Voices, too.  Yelling.  

Comma shaped, spinning
dizzily around light poles before
their obituary across kin’s colorless blood.

Earth has many features,
fortunes, counting them
remains time consuming,
and in between tasks
undertake during serenity
flattened smoothness of peaceful
arranging them softly
between forefinger
and thumb
nuzzling each
as a seed does naturally
in mushy soil
before sprout takes hold
shooting forth burgeon-- near a favorite sitting still
lake I throw one at a time stone
watching their bodies
leap up and beneath
water’s liquid spirit
mirroring in a quieter 
raindrops feeling wonder
if I contribute to the death
of harmless once sitting still

Vagabond’s Vision #129

Days disperse
realigning horizontally 
with tossed away targets,
fingers hunt for historic contacts
decapitation of several  S undays
S aturdays
designing an in memory of 
calendar in which to 
document delirium,
dramatic beyond
RIP incident pseudo-syndrome.

Vagabond’s Vision #130

Solidarity combed the hair of absence,
reminding silence that habits fill the lungs of 
unnatural habitats.  This blue morning with
orange streaks of slanting light arrived delicately,
holding only small percentages of dampened leaves,
leftover from night’s lengthy storm:
sentiments among a city whose longtime dryness
begged to feel fortunate through the emotional 
gift of vigorous sensational saturation.

Vagabond’s Vision #131

Many belongings dissipate, the organically unimportant,
yet in the screaming however

of a child’s lost favorite possession 
dissipation becomes thief

memorable event donning mask a thug
of psychotic disposition married to marring

physical contact with elevated flavors
enticing moments between 

in-hand tangible eye-wrap around
the alive flame which flickers called constantly.

Vagabond’s Vision #132

Hummingbird delighting,
answers cliché questioning
bird watching amateurs with annoyance 
“what is advancement?”
by gliding in gilded golden light,
falling in fading 

airily transcending motions behind
curtained clouded hands, devotional
encounters arabesque positions,
mid-flight, charming, corresponding
eye-to-eye conversations.

Structures such as inherited benevolence
gathering beauty, becoming
hummingbird’s opulence,
her distinct colorful creativity
molding malleable visibility into
voluptuous acrobatic activities.

Vagabond’s Vision #133

Inspiration blanketed materialism
warming eyes, shoving multiple glances
into becoming yearning for newness,
a woman wore many à la mode
man-catching colors, engraved 
perfectly still.
Layers, ruler-straight spontaneity in
her the shape hitherto held another 
lopsided language describing
morbid declaration explaining
expansion of prior unavailability.

Vagabond’s Vision #134

Trees which rose through
risen days of attention
paid with multiple coins
owed to elsewhere,

sudden backs turned against
natural belongings, blossoming naiveté  
landscaping undulations

leaning occupational climbing arbors
shading manifold slanting curvatures—
light in fingered forms
crawls the vertical S gnarls
of prior
mistaken disregard.   

Vagabond's Vision #135

Influential gestures from a wind
whose potency, highly noticed sensed here
swaying eastern/western
in proximity surrounding
arms magnetic in array
as well, myriad join-jolting
weaving through whistling air,
tonal gifts, sacred
to esoteric birds who
by grace and intuition
cleanse silently in security
huddled in hybrid hallucinations.

Vagabond's Vision #136

Authentic questions become the language toward
togetherness, joining tongues in a vernacular of
vacuumed domes, which has inherited
golden answers (less) the intellectual (less) the wise,
magnitude high ground shook
by giant hands, reflecting neglectful
parental behavior toward unsupervised children,
their soured eyes glued now on
reprobated imagery,
colors meld forward into suspected ignorance,
inquiring and never properly
answered focus, found within the pockets
littered with monetary dominance,
spacing hands farther from father-mother
connecting solutions,  realizing more untruths.

Vagabond’s Vision #137

Mouths of muzzled dispositions
yelled of course not
whispered an antiqued
while those with gregarious hands translated
backgrounds  the deep portion
of a horizon’s entire name [blurring mauvebluewhite]
leaning canvas causing colors
to beautify burgeon tearing
spreading silence from
multiple angles.

Vagabond’s Vision #138

How then do wings mirror
a wave ending tissue-thin  
toward silence,
slightly before the
rippling dialect of
barely breathing sea, especially
inward motions inside dusk’s gray squint,
humans’ eyes not equipped for high above

or low equal tide level vision,
turquoise waves turned over,
white sheets spread evenly
meeting the black slight 
crawl of the miniature crab dancing 
in just before darkness?

Vagabond’s Vision #139

Distance draws the eyes,
reversing normal occurrences,
light slants again
drawing the eyes augmented,
yet this form, a definition of hands
progressively pulling.

a number, numerical in circumstance
dividing glances within yesterday’s glimpse into
authentic rhythms where space
further forms anticipations of dawn,
the coming of shaping colors
rising from preserved handmade
trunks holding multiplying layered nearness.

Vagabond’s Vision #140

Round in a bowled afternoon
shapes memory childhood
fruit scents: whirling, the whirling
sped aroma watched, 
the many men fell to adult
knees that once scabbed from
childhood faux pas.

Vagabond’s Vision #141

Melodies coexist,
gathering into altered faces,
physicality, persona, highly singing
taking crescendos from a slant off
evanescent tongue, rhythms herded  rounded in
wonder, chained in a togetherness 
forming speculative futuristic
modish meaning, the tongue,
metaphor, disguised between thin layers
of invisible voices standing silently viable
within the vulture talons holding
bloody popular contaminated culture.

Vagabond’s Vision #142

Obsolescent languages adhering to death's
opening, merriment once absorbed,
gone to the faded and fatigued edge,
surrealism superb brilliance
once delineated within obscurity's opaque vicinity,
counterpoint nonexistent,
for the absent, the unneeded, the replaceable
boards interpretations
have and to come,
will ensure boredom
the used minds, thinkers
walk in grouped divinity,
alone grimacing, for the modernity
of à la mode reality,
antithetical to the subtle arc of serenity's
once was, now's hands atop forbidden
whispers, shout into the glares of the languages of those
who have been sloppily  replaced.

Vagabond’s Vision #143

The changing of yellow to orange
yellow from orange,
this explaining
a definition
while dawn expands
stretching extensively,
winding wildly,
degrees mirroring the human head,
spinning, completing an
entire habitual synonym for
escaping excessive darkness.

Vagabond’s Vision #144

What now is corrupt
will be again forgotten,
mirroring what now is forgotten,
what was corrupt moments ago in the mouth
of spoken mesmerizing truths or
lies dealings believability,
begging, hanging limply
among loose lips of  leading,
loud speaking security (supposedly)
sycophants climbing personal
agendas, propaganda collages,
hanging as memorials missing men
gauges for women and untrusting children,
unknowing understanding
taught to them in left handed school
systems, crooked anchormen
doused in flames
“for I am telling my truth”
ceasing to realize
the young eyes hear
what their ears have seen,
will grab with walking hands
putting into a forever box
of enveloped supposed truths
reminding them at appropriate ages what
lyrical lies decorated within tiny hands meant.

Vagabond’s Vision #145

And this tiny way
winter slants
into us, never snowing here
north of Santa Barbara,
wondrous climatic display
where big city foreigners flock
inundating previously primitive 
town whose organic origins weighed
less than optimism toward diversity.

Antithesis, now regarding small
horizontally mimicking
any and many horizon shaped homes
holding might,
donning coronas
over crops, once-were fields
and earth erased by corporations’ brazen bad breath,
empty “for lease” signs alter their ability
to conjure invitation.

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